Fresh Off the Boat S2E10 Review

This year, Fresh Off the Boat is airing its first Christmas episode. I have been excited for this episode, did it deliver? Read on for my thoughts!

S2E10 "The Real Santa"

The episode starts with Jessica working on "Jessicatown". This results in many funny jokes. It also reveals that Jessica doesn't like Santa, because he doesn't have a higher degree and is just a glorified delivery man. Jessica comes up with a way to improve Santa, however. Louis isn't happy about this, however, as Mitch is going to be playing Santa at Cattleman Ranch the next day, and Evan is going to ask him a lot of math and science questions. So, they get Marvin, Honey's husband, to play Santa. Meanwhile, Emory is making an exact replica of the bakery missing from Jessicatown, and tries to convince Eddie that thoughtful presents are the best. At Cattleman's Ranch the next day, things are going well until Mitch shows up, also dressed as Santa, and Evan wonders who the other Santa is. Also, Honey finds the bakery missing from Jessicatown, and gives it to Jessica as an early Christmas present.

Jessica tells Evan that the real Santa is Chinese, which is really funny. Eddie helps Emory with a new Christmas present by writing a poem for Jessica, and the poem is pretty funny and very much typical Eddie. Louis and Jessica take Evan to a Christmas theatre event, but because a new law has been passed, the theatre can no longer present anything rooted in religion, which ends up being really hilarious.

A huge argument breaks out after Evan claims that Santa is Chinese, and Louis thinks this means that Jessica is going to be honest with Evan. Instead, she dresses up as a new Santa and comes in during the night a night early and explains that Santa is actually a Chinese woman and she comes on December 23rd, and then on Christmas Eve her white Santas that work for her reveal the hidden presents. It is a very funny scene. On Christmas morning, when Grandma Huang throws her boomerang into the bakery that Honey gave Jessica, Emory presents his bakery.

Overall, this was a great episode. All the members of the Huang family were very funny.

What did you think of "The Real Santa"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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