Jess's Take: Biggest Flops of 2015-16, So Far

Hey folks! This is Jessica, and this is the latest installment of Jess's Take. I decided to make a series of compilation posts of 2015. There happens to be the same picture of the reaper that I have used for renewal and cancelation comparison posts. So I thought it would be appropriate to feature this picture for a special post. Here are the biggest television flops of the 2015-16 season, so far.

Minority Report: This show was heavily hyped, but the premiere rating was one of the worst premiere ratings of the year. The show premiered to a 1.1 A18-49 rating, and ratings got worse by episode 2. Bill Gorman, aka the TV Grim Reaper reported Minority Report as the first cancelation of the season after the show's episode order was cut to 10 episodes.

The Player: Ratings went from bad to worse. Episode order cut to 9 episodes. The Reaper reports it as cancelation #2.

Blood & Oil: Premiered to a 1.4 A18-49, and ratings got worse. Episode order was cut to 10 episodes. Cancelation #3 for the Reaper.

Truth be Told: Tied for lowest premiere rating of all time on the Big 4, with a 0.7 A18-49 rating. Episode order was cut to 10 episodes, and was reported as cancelation #4. The last episodes were burned off on Christmas.

Wicked City: Premiered to a 0.9 A18-49 rating. Then after a few episodes, it dropped to a 0.4 A18-49 rating, which is what CW shows Jane the Virgin and The Originals get. ABC pulled this ratings turkey off the schedule, and it was reported in the media as the first official cancelation of the season.

The Muppets: Premiered to a 2.9 A18-49 ratings, but ratings have collapsed. Its recent airing scored a 1.1 A18-49 rating. The show is put on hiatus for a creative retooling. If ratings have fallen to the point where shows get canceled at that level, you're basically a flop.

The Grinder: Premiered to a 1.5 A18-49 rating and has since gone fractional. Despite a full season order and the network ratings collapse, I don't see this one returning for season 2.

Grandfathered: Premiered to a 1.5, and ratings got worse. Despite FOX's ratings collapse, I don't see this show getting a season 2. Plus it's owned by an outside studio like last season's ratings turkey Red Band Society.

Honorable Mention
Scream Queens: Heavily hyped, but hype didn't translate into ratings. Premiered to a 1.7, and got worse. However, given FOX's ratings collapse, it could be back for season 2 before you know it.

As midseason rolls around, I'll have an updated post adding midseason flops.

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