Superstore S1E3 Review

NBC has released episode three of Superstore online, because there are nine episodes remaining after the premiere and only eight weeks of Superstore in January and February, so I am going to review this online third episode!

S1E3 "Shots and Salsa"

The episode started with Glenn leading the workers in an extremely long chant, which is really hilarious. He then asks Amy to give out salsa samples, which she thinks is because she is Latina, so he asks the other Latina to hand out the samples, and she says that she would like to. Amy, Jonah, and the disabled employee watch the Latina woman hand out the samples, and she is doing a typical Mexican impersonation. Amy is upset by this, and debates talking to her. She eventually does, and they get in a fight because she likes doing the accent, but Amy is offended. This is really funny.

Jonah is helping out the pharmacist who believes that he is too good to ring up other things because he is a doctor. He tells Jonah to give someone a shot, even though he isn't a pharmacist. Mateo is now handing out the salsa samples, and he is doing an even more offensive accent. Amy is outraged by this. She does an Asian accent and asks him how he would feel if she did that while handing out samples, but some Asian people walk by and are offended. The disabled employee believes that he has proven his point that helping people in Cloud 9 is like quick sand, but Jonah has yet to learn. He lets an older woman cut in line, and when asked why she gets to cut, she says "because white people help their own". As a result of both Amy and Jonah's incidents, the employees have to watch a video on racism, which is hilarious.

Once the video is finally over, Glenn says that the lesson they should learn is that anyone can be a racist. The employees then hilariously debate on what is racist. Amy now has to hand out the salsa samples. She is not selling any salsa, so she has to do an accent. Then, many people want to buy the salsa. This is very hilarious. The line at the pharmacy is very long, and there is only one vaccine left. Jonah has to decide who gets the vaccine, and his options include a pregnant woman and a preschool teacher.

Jonah tries to tell the crowd that whoever doesn't get the vaccine only has to go to another store or come back the next day, but the people are all still angry, and they are funny. Amy and Mateo do a dance to try to get people to buy the salsa, and Carmen, the other Latina, shows up. The employees working the morning shift are now done, so Jonah just leaves instead of giving the vaccine to one of the people in line. It was a pretty good ending.

While not quite as good as the first two, this episode was still very good. I am excited for the rest of the season beginning in January.

What did you think of "Shots and Salsa"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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