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I'm not a zombie-show person. When it was first announced, I thought that iZombie sounded completely stupid. I could not be more wrong. While it is a show about a zombie, it isn't really a zombie-show. The idea of a possible zombie apocalypse is mentioned, but not focused on, because the show has other great things to focus on, such as how Liv learns how to enjoy life, and her relationships with her family and friends. I watched season one over the summer and absolutely loved it. It has only been a couple of weeks since I finished watching season one of iZombie, so I don't know how those of you who watched the finale in June were able to wait until now for season two, but it is here now, and that is all that matters.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E1 "Grumpy Old Liv"

The second season picks up three months after the first one ended. Liv is telling herself that time heals all wounds as she visits her brother in the hospital. Her mother shows up and asks her to leave. I wish we could have seen how the scene that ended the last episode ended up playing out, but this scene was great. It was very sad how Liv's life has fallen apart due to her being a zombie, and this scene captured all of that emotion. In the voice-over she tells herself that she is a monster, she shouldn't be afraid to act like it. In this week's case, an old man has been killed, and his sister-in-law seems to be the prime suspect. But, we won't know for sure until Liv eats his brains. Ravi has to start over again with the cure, because Liv used up all of it on Blaine and Major, and he is not happy about it. The scene between Liv and Ravi was great, the relationship between the two of them is one of the many fantastic parts of this show.

Liv is becoming grouchy thanks to the old man brains that she consumed, and it was very funny, but she had to investigate the murder with Clive. Liv then visits Blaine, who is now working at a funeral home. Liv tells Blaine that she needs utopium because he might be on borrowed time. Blaine is a wonderful villain because he has such a likable personality, but keeps proving to be evil. David Anders is proving to be really good at this role.

Clive is on to something with the Meat Cute case, getting a sketch of Blaine from Liv's brother. Major has taken a job as a personal trainer, as he has been unsuccessful with employment otherwise. Major's client, it turns out, is a zombie, which he knows because his hair stood on end, which also happened to Blaine earlier when Liv entered the room. Apparently that's something that happens to these once-zombies when a zombie is near. Liv is still making racist remarks due to the brain she ate. Liv has her first vision two-thirds of the way through the episode, this one really isn't focused on the case. The sister-in-law keyed the man's car.

Liv has another vision when interviewing the sister-in-law and her friends where she sees the tipper's dog, and he was apparently mad at the dog. Liv and Clive interview the tipper, and Liv has a hilarious line about how this was a  game they play, does he really have a dog? He does! The fifth act of the episode was very focused on the case, with all of its scenes pertaining to it. They get a search warrant, and discover that the tipper was the killer. He thought the old man killed his dog, but it turns out he didn't. It was a very emotional confession, and it was really good.

The Max Rager guy gives an excellent speech as he tries to recruit Major to kill zombies. Major ends up finally becoming convinced, and he kills a zombie. This could really get interesting. The episode ends with Liv spending some time with her boring IRS new roommate (because, sadly, Peyton has not retrned), but she really isn't boring IRS, she's evil working for the Max Rager dude!

The season premiere felt a lot different than last season, which could be good or bad. I hope that Peyton returns soon, and that we go deeper into Liv's relationships with her family and Major. And have mentioned that I hope that Peyton returns soon? Overall, this was a pretty good episode.

What did you think of the season premiere? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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