How to Get Away with Murder S2E6 Review

We are getting really close to finding out what exactly is going on in the flash-forwards! In three weeks, there will be the fall finale, which will likely reveal all the answers, while also revealing many new questions that we will ask in the second half of the season. I am getting really excited about how interesting things are getting on How to Get Away with Murder, and I hope they keep heading in that direction!

S2E6 "Two Birds, One Millstone"

In the flash-forward that began this episode, Frank rushes into the hospital as Annalise is being rushed in. He is freaking out saying "please don't let her die!" He gets in his car then, and laying in the back unconscious, or worse, is Catherine Hapstall. Back in the present, Laurel and Frank spend a night together, and as he is getting in the shower, she searches his bedroom for something. Laurel talks to Wes as they arrive at class, telling him he is making her crazy. Michaela is very pissed at Wes because of the previous night when he lead them down a rabbit hole. In class, Asher is asked a question, and we get a flashback to the previous night when Annalise met him. She convinces him not to testify, and he mentions that he did a bad thing, but that bad thing is not revealed. When Annalise is working with the Keating 5 on the Hapstall case she gets an urgent call from a friend, she killed her husband. It looks like it will be an easy case, one that can easily be argued as self-defense.

Annalise hurries over to the friend's house, and she tells the friend what to do, which includes calling 911. She has scratches on her arm, so that will be helpful in trying to prove that she killed in self-defense. However, things aren't as easy as they seem. The case gets a lot more interesting when Annalise realizes that the friend made it look like there was a struggle, which will make the case much harder to win. In addition, it is discovered that she is transgender, and she is accused of killing him because he found out. She ends up saying not to use what she is against her, or he will be next, which is not the best thing to say.

When Annalise and the friend talk, she says she told her husband on their third date. Things are starting to look up in this difficult case. The Keating 5 discovered that Catherine is recording them talking, after they say some not-so-great things about her and Caleb. Annalise, as a result, is furious at them. She then visits Nate, and it sounds like his wife died. He doesn't answer the door, and she leaves her peach cobbler outside the door. Wes, Laurel, Connor, and Michaela are all discussing what to do about the Hapstall case, and Michaela is getting very angry with Wes. Laurel suggests that she and Wes ask Frank if he killed Rebecca, so they ask him if Rebecca is dead, but he says she is alive. Great idea Laurel! Meanwhile, the transgender friend of Annalise's gets a student to make up an eyewitness account, and they decide to go with it. Also, the DA's office discovers the call between her and Annalise, and they think she gave her advice on how to make her house look like a textbook self-defense crime scene.

After Asher comes to Annalise, she decides it's time for him to grow up. She manages to wrap things up by convincing one guy in the DA's office to help her out to help him run for office on an anti-corruption campaign. Annalise and her friend discuss how happy they are that their husbands are now dead. Oliver discovers the files for a cousin of Catherine and Caleb who would have much to gain with framing the siblings. Caleb and Michaela flirt, which makes sense with what we saw in an earlier flashback. Annalise visits Nate again, and he tells her that she stole the remaining time he had left with his wife. It turns out that Nate gave his wife the pills so she could die. It was a great scene. When Annalise turns to leave, Wes is there.

Frank introduces Laurel to his family, which is really interesting. Annalise is waiting by Wes's apartment when he gets home. Wes tells Annalise that she must know more about Rebecca, and she says he thinks that because of his mother. She killed herself when Wes was twelve. Asher's father leaves him because he isn't testifying. Sinclair goes to Bonnie with information on Asher, which involves a woman who was gang raped. Oliver hacks into the likely killer's computer, and it turns out he is actually watching through the webcam on Oliver's computer. Annalise tells Wes that they can't find Rebecca. In the flash-forward that ended the episode, Frank carries Catherine's body into the woods, and leaves her there. A policewoman and her dog discover the body in the morning, and then Catherine regains consciousness. A lot happened in the end of the episode, it was great.

This was a great episode. The case was surprisingly good, though there wasn't much focus on it, and the ending of the episode was great.

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