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It's Halloween, and this year The Middle is doing somewhat of a spoof of the early 1960s series The Twilight Zone in its Halloween episode, with Brick as Rod Serling. The episode sounds completely hilarious, and I have been really looking forward to it since I first read the episode description. Did it deliver? Read on to find out what I thought!

S7E6 "Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death"

The episode began with Brick giving an opening monologue, but Mike stopped him, telling him to be Rod Serling somewhere else. Frankie is getting annoyed with Axl and his friends all staying at the Hecks', so she convinces Mike to talk to Axl, but he says "your mom thinks", which makes her angry. She tells Mike he has to take Brick out trick-or-treating, while she and Sue hand out candy. Rita Glossner shows up and makes Frankie angry. That night, Frankie gets an idea. Frankie and Sue egg the Glossners' house, but Rita shows up. Frankie chases Rita into the woods, and it is very funny. Brick ends this act with another narration.

In the next story, Axl, Hutch, and Kenny are alone at home when there is a knock at the door. It is someone dressed up as a grim reaper, who doesn't respond when Axl says he doesn't have any candy. Axl and Hutch keep seeing the reaper in the yard, so they freak out. They all go to the basement, and Kenny gives his first line in the three years he has so far been on the show, talking about the grim reaper. This story was a great satire of horror. The three all drive off in a hurry trying to get away from the reaper as Brick gives a monologue. This story was even better than the first one, I am loving this episode.

Brick shows up at the door of a person's house, and he tries to say a Rod Serling-esque monologue, but Mike calls to him "just say trick or treat"! He has all of the candies that Cindy wants now, but he follows a piece of paper to a doorstep where the person who lives there has a painting that looks like him. After talking to Mike, and a hilarious line about if Brick had three books to read, why would he go out, Brick and Mike go back up to that house. The woman at the house, named Cynthia, though she goes by Cindy, got the painting because it looks like her husband from when he was younger, and he loved to read, though he is now "gone". Brick is excited now that he thinks he is a time-traveler. It turns out the husband isn't actually dead, he is just away, and while Mike says not to read too much into it, as they walk away it is revealed that the mailbox says Heck. At home he gives Cindy, dressed up as the grim reaper, her candy.

Overall, this was a great episode. The unique idea of the episode was used very well, and the stories were very funny.

What did you think of "Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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