Undateable S3E4 Review (UPDATED)

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In the season premiere, Undateable recorded two live shows, one for each coast, but last week they recorded the show just once. While originally the plan was for most episodes to be filmed just once, this week's episode will be filmed twice. Like with the premiere, I will review the west coast version on Friday night, and write a short review of the east coast version on Saturday. (The versions will likely be very similar.) The following is a review of the west coast version, followed by a few thoughts on the east coast version. The two versions were very similar, and I believe that all from the west coast review applies to the east coast version.

S3E4 "A Truth Hug Walks into a Bar" (WEST COAST)

At the beginning of the episode, Danny teaches the group what it means to Justin something, which according to him means to mess something up. Shelley is at Justin and Danny's, and Danny says that his biggest regret is never sleeping with Whitney Cummings in real life. While I enjoy the occasional joke that refers to the actors' real life, it is becoming too much. Shelley, it turns out, is staying with Justin and Danny because he is now living with his mother after she lost her job. Danny was supposed to keep this a secret, but now Justin and Candace want to help him out.

Leslie and Candace are deciding what everyone's names mean, and Brett realizes that he is sort of invisible to the others. That joke recurs when Justin and Danny enter. Justin sends Shelley up to the room above the bar to help take out the trash, which includes much candy and butt magazines. Justin and the others go over their plan of what they will say when Shelley comes back down to convince him to move in. Danny has some really funny jokes about a monkey wrench that really shows Chris D'Elia's talent.

Shelley has a very funny monologue as he is going to bed, and then he has some questions for Justin and Danny about the robbery (that they made up). Danny is nervous, but Justin tries to reassure him. Shelley hears part of this, so Danny claims he is talking about teen pregnancy, and that is very funny. Justin and Danny behave oddly when Shelley asks about the robbery. Shelley goes for a truth hug, and the group all scatters. This was very funny, I laughed really hard. Shelley hugs Candace and discovers that they were all trying to help him.

Shelley is angrily moving out. He doesn't want to be a charity case, because his dad took from everyone. It was a really believable backstory that I enjoyed. The group convinces Shelley to take the room by all hugging him and asking him if he really doesn't want the room or if he is just too stubborn to take it. It was a really good ending to the episode.


The east coast version was very similar to the west coast version. A few lines were said differently, but everything from above I believe applies to the east coast version. I think the only big difference is that the east coast version ended with a joke about how Justin was getting emotional and the others all scattered when he went to hug them, which I don't believe was in the west coast version. Other than that, all from above applies.

Overall, this was a good episode. If you watched the east coast version, come back when this post says updated to read a few thoughts on that version.

What did you think of "A Truth Hug Walks into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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