TV Flops Worse Than Minority Report, Part 3

FOX has recently cut the episode order of Minority Report from 13 episodes to 10. The TV Grim Reaper has already marked it as "canceled" because of it. Here are more flops worse than Minority Report.

1. "Trophy Wife" (2013-2014)
The show was given the full-season order on ABC, but ratings fell hard, and fast.

2. "The Messengers" (2015)
Premiere ratings for the show were too low for CW standards. The show was quickly canceled after four episodes.

3. "Red Band Society" (2014-2015)
Premiere ratings for the show were about the same as the now lowest-rated FOX show Minority Report. No backorder = cancelation!

4. "My Big Fat Greek Life" (2003)
Naturally fans of My Big Fat Greek Wedding should have loved this small screen sitcom. Obviously not, it was canceled and pulled after seven episodes.

5. "Supertrain" (1979)
If you could find love on The Love Boat, why not on a train? The show was panned by critics, got low ratings, and was canceled in May. NBC lost millions of dollars of ad revenue as a result of this trainwreck along with the US boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in the Soviet Union.

There you have it, another installment of TV flops worse than Minority Report. Hopefully when its eventual cancelation happens, I could make another installment with another TV show (most likely The Player) listed in its title. Until then, see you next time!

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