Life in Pieces S1E5 Review

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This is the last Monday airing of Life in Pieces. It will not air next week, and the following week it will move to Thursday. Will you miss Life in Pieces during the ten day break between episodes?

S1E5 "Babe Secret Phone Germs"

In story one, "Tyler's Girlfriend", Tyler (Heather and Tim's son) introduces his girlfriend to the family, and Heather and Tim are very awkward about it. Jen and Greg enter and have a couple of funny lines, as they are the funniest actors on the show. Heather and Tim continue to be extremely awkward. Tim was being the most awkward, until Heather said "to boobs" in her toast. It was more entertaining than most Tim and Heather storylines, as they are usually the worst written.

In the second story, Matt and Colleen have to pretend that they are not dating at work. A very dorky co-worker walks in on them kissing, and as a result they have to be really nice to him. But, they decide they can't keep their relationship secret anymore, and Matt quits. I don't recall it ever being said before that Matt and Colleen work together, it seemed like something the writers came up with specifically for this episode.

In the third story, Sophia (the youngest daughter of Heather and Tim) wants a cell phone, but her parents won't let her have one until she's twelve. She convinces John to buy her a phone in some fantastic little kid persuasion. He realizes though that this was a big mistake, so he ends up having to take her cell phone away. When she is sad, to make her happy, he says that he will let her get her ears pierced. It wasn't that original of a story, but it was charming.

In story four, "Germs", Greg is swatting at a fly, and it lands on a pacifier. Jen decides that they will not be germaphobic parents, which results in some very funny lines from her. Greg sees a skunk in the yard, so they call an exterminator. The exterminator is very dirty and needs to use their bathroom, and Greg lets him. He makes a mess in their house, wakes up the baby, and picks up a dropped pacifier and puts it in the baby's mouth. It was pretty funny. In the tag scene, Greg and Jen embrace their being "those parents" and the skunk gets into their house. It was very funny.

Overall, it was a pretty good episode. It was better than last week's, though not as good as the first three episodes.

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