Jane the Virgin S2E3 Review

Jane the Virgin is totally a sitcom at times, and totally a telenovela at times. The show blends the two together really well. Recently, the show has been really leaning on the telenovela side more than the sitcom side, however. What about this episode? Read on to hear what I think!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E3 "Chapter Twenty-Five"

The episode began with a flashback, like usual. In this one, we saw how Alba is obsessed with tradition. One of these traditions is baptism, which Jane is now preparing for Mateo's baptism. Originally, Rafael had told Michael that he wanted him to be the godfather, but now Jane is unsure if Rafael will be comfortable with it. He says it's fine over the phone, but that is because he can't really understand what she is saying because of Petra. Things got very funny when Jane is at mom's group, and Rogelio talks to Michael. Jane gets a letter from her grad school, she is being offered a spot early, which means that she will begin school when Mateo is three months old. Also, Rafael tells Jane that Petra is pregnant.

Jane gets a call from the grad school, and it turns out that she is missing one prerequisite, so she needs to take a summer class that starts the next day. She doesn't want to leave Mateo behind, however, so she convinces a person from the grad school to let her take Mateo with her. This does not go well, however. This seems like a very funny storyline that will likely have a wonderful emotional Gina Rodriguez moment. Sure enough, as the next act begins, Jane is unsure of what to do, and it is wonderful. Rogelio is going through an old diary as he remembers an ex that he may have to pretend to sleep with for his telenovela. His diary reading was hilarious, and is a great example of why Rogelio is so funny. Petra meets with Jane and Rafael, and she discovers that there is an opening, as the two aren't actually together.

The Villanueva women discuss the whole Petra situation and the choices. Jane's fantasies were hilarious. I think that her fantasies are funnier than JD's famous fantasies in Scrubs. Rogelio tells Michael there is an emergency, but it turns out that emergency is how pale Michael is. Rogelio reveals to him the Petra situation, bad idea! Jane has a wonderful scene in mom's group, where she shares how conflicted she is. Rogelio's ex is screen tested with him, and their kiss is very passionate, a little too much so for Xo.

The Villanuevas are preparing for the baptism, and Xo gives Jane the baptism speech that Alba wrote for her baptism and Xo read at Jane's. Jane gets very emotional when she reads the speech. She tells Xo and Alba that she turned down the spot in grad school, but they convince her that was the wrong choice. She leaves many voicemails begging to get back into the grad school. Xo gets dramatic when Rogelio has to make a casting decision on his ex wife, and Alba gives her "her own little baptism", which I laughed hard at. Alba is wonderful. Michael leaves his not diary for Jane, and she reads it. He talks about how he did everything wrong when Jane got pregnant by ignoring the situation, so she shouldn't ignore the Petra situation. Well first he had to talk about how he is the self-proclaimed Jane expert (Xo is obviously way more of a Jane expert, or Alba).

Jane and Rafael talk, and they decide that the best option is co-parenting Petra's child. Jane gets a call back from the grad school, and she is in! I was going to be so disappointed if she didn't get in. Also, she is now on an email-only policy, which is hilarious. Well, that's what happens when you leave twelve voicemails. Rogelio decides the best decision is to not cast his ex, because of Xo, but then she threatens to release some sort of Rogelio De La Vega video, which ends the episode on a cliffhanger, as Rogelio hilariously films a scene hanging from a cliff!

This was a great episode of Jane the Virgin. It had many great funny moments, as well as some emotional ones. This episode did rely more on the humor side of things, and it was great!

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Five"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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