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The Ratings Junkie Sunday, October 11, 2015
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This will be an interesting year to watch the CW. I'm actually interested in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. If it's the designated stay on the schedule because CBS demands it, I at least hope it's good. Of the shows you listed, I'm guessing that TVD and the 100 are in the most danger. TVD because it's falling hard and the 100 because it hasn't gotten full seasons and is a long way from syndication. IZombie fits into the CW becoming the DC network, which is actually working. Obviously ratings could change all of this. The Originals will be something to watch. It came back with poor numbers, but has the syndication angle going for it. If it goes really low does it get the BATB pushed to summer treatment? Reign is also strange. It has the CBS ownership factor, but they just dropped a spoiler that may alienate some of their viewers.

Question of the Week

  1. Will Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stay on The CW's schedule regardless of ratings per CBS demanding it?
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