Scream Queens S1E4 Review

This episode begins Scream Queens' three-week Halloween event! Why start so early? Because, one, Scream Queens is part horror series, so it thrives on Halloween, and two, because in one of the Tuesdays this October, FOX is airing the World Series, so the three-week event must start four weeks before Halloween. Now, let's get to my review, and, as I said last week, if you have a theory as to who (besides Boone) the Red Devil(s) is/are, post it in the comments, and it may end up featured in my review next week!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E4 "Haunted House"

The episode started out like a reality show, where Chanel gets people Halloween-themed gifts. It got really funny. Then we picked up where the last episode left off. The police are at the sorority house, and Grace's dad and Gigi are convinced that Cathy dressed up as the Red Devil. Denise then entered, and she bragged about she was one step ahead of the po-po. She then promised to her now deceased friend that she will solve the crime by Halloween. I'm starting to get the feeling that Denise will be dead before November. Grace and Pete went to find out what happened at the sorority twenty years ago. The former sorority sister told them that Cathy came up with a plan to dispose of the body. The other girls were scarred, one killed herself, another was institutionalized, and another works for FOX News. I loved that joke. Then, the woman told them that the baby was a girl, unlike they thought.

Zayday announced that she is running for president of Kappa house, which Chanel is outraged about. Zayday believes the others will vote for her because they know that Chanel is a killer. Chanel says that if she kills anyone, it will be Zayday. I don't think that Zayday will die, but someone will in order to put the vote in Chanel's favor. Chanel decides to do a haunted pumpkin patch to compete with Zayday's haunted house. The former sorority sister gets her door knocked on, and when she answers, there is no one there. There is knocking all over her motor home, and it is obvious that she is going to die, which makes me really think that Cathy is behind this. Two Red Devils show up in the home, and she is killed.

Chad and Chanel #6 meet in a graveyard and bond over their arousal by dead bodies. #6 says that she wants everything Chanel has, including Chad. She is convinced that she will end up president of Kappa when Zayday is elected and makes her vice president, and then she falls down a flight of stairs or something. We then go to Grace's dad's film class, where they are watching another horror film. Everyone is seeming really guilty here, are they all Red Devils? Grace is convinced that she is the daughter of the bathtub girl, and that her dad has been lying to her for years, which is very plausible. Then she gets a text from Pete to meet somewhere.

Grace shows up at a creepy house, and Pete scares her. Zayday and the guy she was discussing her run for presidency with end up scaring both of them. They were planning on using that house for their haunted house. Denise then shows up saying that the house is actually haunted. Denise is still accusing Zayday, and she thinks that Zayday's motivation for the haunted house is to raise the body count. Zayday reveals that she knows that Denise pledged Kappa years ago. That is unexpected! And, at this point, I have no idea who the killer(s) is/are. Everyone seems so guilty! Well, except for Grace, Gigi, and Denise.

Chanel makes a bold decision for the Chanels to eat actual food. The show suddenly gets into a conversation about eating disorders and how women are treated by men. It was very weird, and ended up resulting in the Chanels beating up two guys. It was a very misplaced scene, it did not seem to belong in Scream Queens. Chad and #6 meet at the haunted house before the event starts by a couple of hours. They discover what #6 believes is a wax replica of Ms. Bean, but it is her actual body. The house also has other bodies in it, including that of #2. Chad tries to warn people not to go to the haunted house, but instead they all rush there. The house was very freaky, the show embraced its horror side a little bit there, unlike usual when it embraces the comedy and is more of a thriller than a horror.

Zayday and Grace discover the bodies, and Zayday calls 911, but they don't take her seriously, and then the Red Devil showed up. Zayday is now missing, and the police discovered the bodies, but Cathy refuses to shut down the school, because the bodies are found off campus and most of them aren't students. The episode ends with a creepy scene of Gigi sitting in the haunted house. Gigi! You know, one of the three people that I thought were most likely to be innocent. Is everyone behind this, but not everyone knows that everyone is behind it? A lot of crazy things are bound to happen in the next eleven episodes!

This was the scariest episode yet of Scream Queens, and despite not being much of a horror fan, I thought that it was good. The only part I didn't like was the random scene talking about eating disorders, that kind of a scene belongs on television somewhere, but not in Scream Queens.

What did you think of "Haunted House"? Who is working with Boone as the Red Devil? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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