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Last week, Undateable began its all-live third season. It is definitely not a perfect show, but there are many great things about it, and it was sad that it got a 0.8 rating for its first Friday airing. But we will continue to enjoy it anyway! Maybe despite the low ratings it will make it.

S3E3 "A Rock and a Hard Place Walk Into a Bar"

The episode started with some typical live episode jokes. Shelley was talking about how Friday night at 8:00 is the best time to watch TV. Ron Funches could make almost any joke funny though, so it was still great. There was a funny joke about Leslie having sex with her boyfriend right after meeting them. Also, have I mentioned how much I love what they are doing with the opening sequence this year? Danny is at home in the next scene, and he is with a woman. Justin and Candace show up, and the woman ends up leaving because of things that Candace says.

Shelley decided to have a catchphrase, "take it to church", because Shelley is the best. Candace and Danny are now upset at each other, and Justin and Danny get into a fight, or more of a comedy fight, as Brett had a funny line about how it kind of fades out when they run out of jokes. Sarah Chalke made an appearance dressed up as Elliot from Scrubs (her character from the former Bill Lawrence-created show). Justin and Candace are arguing because Danny convinced him to talk to her. Candace and Danny have a big fight, and Justin is stuck in the middle. They end up both calling him to them like a dog. The others them come out of their hiding places, and Shelley gets everyone to say his new catchphrase.

Justin won't come out of his office, and Candace and Danny start talking. Candace says that she likes the real Danny and he gets emotional. To get Justin to come out of his office, Candace starts singing "Summer Lovin'" from Grease. When singing the guy parts, he pokes out of the door, then goes back in. He says he will only come out if Danny sings and likes it. Danny singing was very funny, and the others started singing with him. Justin makes a dramatic entrance, and the others join him on the staircase singing not very well. It was very entertaining.

This was a very good episode of Undateable. While some jokes seemed too easy, it was still very entertaining.

What did you think of "A Rock and a Hard Place Walk Into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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