The Goldbergs S3E6 Review

I felt like this Halloween episode was way better than the one back in season 1, probably beacause back then the show was trying to find it's footing. Regardless, let's talk about this episode.

S3E6 "Couples Costume"

As stated by FA(Future Adam), As a  child Adam would dress up in a couples costume with his mom which included some weird combinations like ET and Ellie, a ghostbuster and the marshmallow monster, and Mork and Indi(ana). This year, with Dana back in town, Adam decided to do a couples costume with her as Alien and Ripley, but not without disappointing Beverley who was already dressed as Predator(her logic being that there is an Alien vs. Predator comic book crossover which led to the movie no alien or predator fan ever talks about). Later Adam tells his siblings about going trick or treating with Dana but they give him the idea to go to a haunted idea.

 With Adam in the haunted house with Dana, they were both served with frightful events which made Adam use Dana as a human shield and running away which led to my favourite line in the episode " Kill her, not me". With Dana furious at Adam for ditching her and for losing her precious Green Lantern ring, Adam decides to go back into the house with the help of Erica (as a vampire) and Barry (as Chuck Norris). All 3 end up in terrible situations with Erica being entrapped by a flirtatious frat boy and Barry hurting his ankle with Adam running out to go get help.

Back to Beverley, she runs out of the house after foolishly putting a razor in a candy bar and believed that Pops gave it to a trick or treater. Murray eventually tells her that he threw it away, but not before  Beverley reveals she stole multiple bags of candy from children, even going as far as the next town to find the razor. Suddenly the kids who she stole from started egging her house (Don't try this at home. Eggs hurt a lot!) Beverly then rounds up the kids and holds them hostage until Murray makes her realise that everything she did was wrong and they give the candy back to the kids.

Eventually Adam comes back to the house and enlists Beverley's help to save Barry and Erica and so she did, super smother style. Adam then found the ring and made it up to Dana by going trick or  treating with her.

Gotta say, I'm still surprised Wendi didn't get an Emmy nom for this show. She really deserves it.

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