iZombie S2E2 Review

When playing Olivia Moore, Rose McIver gets to showcase a huge variety of her acting talent. Throughout the first season she played many different personalities while also portraying Liv, zombie girl. Last week, she at the brain an old man, which resulted in a bit of bigotry, and this week, she eats the brain of a frat boy, on another sure to be entertaining episode of iZombie!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E2 "Zombie Bro"

At the beginning of the episode Major is dealing with the emotions he is facing after he killed a zombie, and it was a fantastic scene. Then, at a frat party, a guy dressed up as Caesar was stabbed several times to death and it was so ironic, I loved it. Liv eats the frat boy brain, and then Liv and Clive interview the other frat boys. Liv was absolutely hilarious in this scene. Eventually they decided that it was likely the victim of one of the murdered guy, Chad's pranks that was the killer, but it took a while to get there. Liv then had a vision where one of the frat boys was saying that Chad ruined his life.

Liv and Clive talk to the frat boy, and it turns out that Chad made him streak and he got arrested. Looking at pictures, Liv and Clive discover who killed Chad, but only the costume of the person. When Liv got back to the morgue, Ravi was asleep, so, on frat boy brain, she drew on his face and arranged the skeletons is sexual ways. It was absolutely hilarious. Liv and Clive talk to another guy with the same name as Chad who would have reason to murder Chad because he was angry at him. Then, Ravi tries to convince Major to go with him when he goes to a club and tries out utopium. Then, Liv shows up and it is very awkward.

Liv and Major have a very awkward conversation because he disagrees with her lifestyle currently. Liv goes to a frat party "for work" with her new secretly evil roommate. Ravi has convinced Major to go to a club with him, and Ravi tries to get utopium. Liv gets very distracted at the frat party, and ends up drinking a lot, but then it's back to work. She discovers that Chad has a "dog fight" trophy, which turns out to be something they do where they all bring the ugliest girl, and the guy whose girl is the ugliest wins. Liv automatically suspects that the girl Chad brought the night he won is the killer. But, then she gets a call from Major's phone, apparently he still has her listed as an in case of emergency contact.

Liv goes to get Ravi and Major, and the relationship between Major and Liv was explored in an interesting way. She is taking care of him, and he wants her there, while he has been rejecting her thus far this season. Clive brought in the winner of the "dog fight", and it turns out she had no idea about the contest, or at least she claims, so she was very upset. She was tall enough however, to be the killer. The dealer that sold Ravi the utopium was killed, and brought into the morgue, with others killed in the same way.

Clive locates one of the costume that the killer was wearing, it is the only one he can find. The person who rented it, however, had nothing to do with Chad. This episode, unlike many others, is actually putting a lot of thought into the case-of-the-week. Blaine, it turns out, is responsible for the deaths, huge surprise there, when is he ever responsible for death, and he has been really good in the very little he has been in this episode.

Blaine met with his father, and it was a very interesting scene, as their relationship was fascinating, with both believing they are in charge of the other. Blaine wants to destroy his father, this is going to be really interesting. (The entire scene I knew I recognized the father, and then I remembered, he is from Cult!) It turns out the person who rented the costume was the murderer, but he murdered the wrong Chad, the other one killed his dad in a drunk driving accident. The reaction by the murderer when he discovered he murdered the wrong guy was amazing, though very sad of course. It was a great scene, and the end of the episode was really good. Liv got rejected by Major, who had now turned to drugs, specifically utopium, to help him deal with what he now has to do. Also, I loved how Liv's voice-over talked about lying in the bed that you made, and at the end Major was lying in bed. But is it Major's fault that he ended up where he did?

This was a great episode, one of the show's best. Last week's episode was decent, but not great, while this one was a huge improvement.

What did you think of "Zombie Bro"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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