Modern Family S7E4 Review

Modern Family used to be a hilarious show that I really enjoyed watching every week, but recently it has transformed into a very up-and-down show that is sometimes funny but also often fails in its attempts. This week, which was mostly advertised for Phil being weird with eggs and birds landing on Claire, looked like it may be one of those down episodes.

S7E4 "She Crazy"

The episode started with Phil obsessed with eggs he is trying to hatch, and no one else being interested. Then, Cam is on is "bromosexual" side, as worded by Mitch due to frat boys renting the upstairs unit. Also, Gloria is obsessed with an actress from a telenovela she is watching, and the character is actress plays is very similar to Gloria, with an older husband and a son similar to Manny. Phil and his eggs look to be a very annoying plot, and Cam and the frat boys doesn't look like it will be much better. Gloria as a stalker could be very entertaining though.

The second act was very unfunny. In it, Cam pulls off a prank with the frat boys, which was not entertaining, and Phil continued to go crazy over his eggs. Gloria and Claire were each slightly entertaining, as Gloria tried to make friends with the actress, and Claire tried to pitch ideas and ended up making a fool out of herself.

Mitch is talking to Luke about Cam while he drives, and they drive past Cam with a goat. Claire went to lunch with Jay and some other closets guy, and birds all fly over to Claire when she spills bird seed from her bag. Gloria encourages Manny to call the girl he likes, and they decide to have coffee the next day, and Gloria strangely shouts and the actress again. Claire gets home while Phil is at the store and the eggs start to hatch. Phil rushes home, which is supposed to be funny, but it wasn't really.

While some parts of this episode looked like they would be bad from the beginning, others had potential but failed. Overall, this was a very bad episode.

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