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In tonight's episode, Sue's love interest from the end of last season, Abercrombie guy Logan, returns. Sue's romances are always entertaining, so this should be good.

S7E5 "Land of the Lost"

Frankie decides that since Mike and Rusty's diaper business is doing so well, she can splurge, so she buys name-brand peas and supersizes the fries for dinner. Sue calls on Skype and invites Brick to visit her college. Also, Mike is acting strange, so Frankie tries to figure it out. The entire beginning of the episode was hilarious. While giving Brick a tour of her college, Sue runs into Logan, the guy she was going to prom with last season. It was a funny scene, and in-love Sue is great.

Axl and Hutch are having major problems with ants still, and they are getting no response from their landlords, so they decide to complain to the city. It was a very funny scene. It turned out that their landlords were not their real landlords, they had been illegally subletting the place to them, and they are now going to have to move out. Sue loses Brick, and though she wants to go on her date with Logan, she decides that she must find him, so they together look. Frankie knows something is seriously wrong with Mike because is not watching the Colts game, so she calls up Reverend TimTom to help out.

Frankie tries to help Reverend TimTom find out what's wrong with Mike. She tells him he can't go directly at the problem, he has to go around it because Mike can sense it. There were some very funny lines about how lying isn't that big of a sin. Sue and Logan split up in their search for Brick, and Sue finds him, but then she has to find Logan. Reverend TimTom is very bad at going around the problem with Mike, and Frankie insists on talking to him again. She is getting some very funny lines here. Reverend TimTom sang a song about how Jesus didn't have a mid-life crisis, and it was hilarious. Mike tells Frankie that she doesn't want to know what he's upset about, but she insists that he tell her. It's apparently about her turning fifty, which makes him realize how he is getting older and he doesn't know what the "next thing" is. All three kids come home, with all of them upset about things. It was a great ending to the episode.

Overall, this was a very good episode. I never cease to be amazed at how this show continues to be so good into its seventh season.

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