Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E4 Review

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How much longer will Holt be at PR? The first episode featured his move there and Bill Hader guest-starring as the captain, and episode two had "The Vulture" taking over. This is now episode four, and Holt is still stuck in PR.

And, spoilers ahead!

S3E4 "The Oolong Slayer"

"The Vulture" is back this week, and the precinct is hating working for him. He isn't letting them work any big cases, and he is making Amy and Rosa plan his birthday party because they are women, so Rosa decides that they will make his birthday terrible. Meanwhile at PR, Wunch is making things terrible for Holt. Then, Jake goes to Holt to help him out with a case he wants to work in secret, and Holt tells him that they will, together, work the case in secret.

Gina of course is working with Jake and Holt, and the scene where the three of them are meeting is very funny. Boyle gets Terry into snacking, which results in him gaining some weight. It was very unfunny. Jake and Holt stage a fight in a store so Gina can get files off of a computer, and then they go to arrest someone, but it turns out the person they thought was guilty was dead. They both get suspended as a result.

Gina and Jake are out drinking, and it is a very funny scene. Jake meets Holt and Gina in a restaurant, but Holt says that he isn't going to work on the case anymore. That doesn't stop Jake though, but when things go south, Holt shows up to save the day, which was expected, but still rewarding. Also, Amy and Rosa discover that "The Vulture" was in a band, and Boyle realizes that Terry is stress-eating. Really that isn't a bad story, but the over-the-top reactions from Terry is just too much.

"The Vulture" plays with his band at his own party, which was a hilarious scene. He makes a complete fool of himself, and it was very funny. Also, Hitchcock and Scully are enjoying his music, and Boyle's reaction to that was the best. Jake meets with the chief detective and gets Holt back as captain of the nine-nine! I am very glad that Holt is back where he belongs. While there have been some funny moments with "The Vulture" and Bill Hader's character in charge and Holt in PR, I am glad that the show has ended that and given us Captain Holt back.

While the subplots were not very entertaining, they took up very little time in this heavily Jake and Holt focused episode that reminded us how great of chemistry the two have. This was a good episode.

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