The Middle S7E4 Review

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Mike Heck has been behaving oddly recently, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and buying a motorcycle, but it doesn't stop there when he decides to go into business with his brother tonight.

S7E4 "Risky Business"

Sue returns home from college after three weeks, and it is very funny. She acts like she has been gone for a long time, and it was hilarious. Axl wants to ride Mike's motorcycle, but Mike and Frankie say no. Frankie says she doesn't even want Mike riding it, but she could get over something happening to him but not something happening to Axl, which was very funny. Axl wants to prove he can ride the motorcycle, so he decides to do crazy things to prove he is responsible enough. Mike's brother Rusty has another terrible idea, this one involving baby diapers with team logos on it. Mike for some reason likes the idea, and it was very funny, especially the line "it teaches kids to hate early".

Brad and Sue are hanging out, and he discovers that she is sleeping in her car. They decide that he would pretend to be her boyfriend so they could annoy Sue's roommate, who is being very annoying with her boyfriend. Sue and Brad could not make Holly and her not-boyfriend uncomfortable though. Mike and Rusty are working on their idea, and Rusty has a not great idea about the pope, that he is stuck on.

Rusty scheduled a business meeting for the next day for his and Mike's idea. The meeting does not go well, as neither of them are very prepared. While they did not like Rusty and Mike, they liked the idea and are going to try it out. Also, Brad came out to Sue in a great and long waited for scene, and it inspired Sue to turn in her roommate for her activities that are against the rules.

This was a really great episode, it was constantly funny. The jokes were frequent, and great.

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