Undateable S3E5 Review (UPDATED)

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Undateable has not aired in the fall before, so this will be its first Halloween episode. What they do on the show to celebrate Halloween should be interesting, especially with the live format. Read my review to see what I thought!

(Note: The review will be for the west coast version, but I will update the review on Saturday with any notes from the east coast version in parentheses)

S3E5 "Halloween Walks into a Bar"

The group is getting ready for Halloween as the episode begins. Danny thinks that Justin is being too romantic, which is then proven when he makes Candace pay the "hug toll" when leaving. Then there was a hilarious joke about how Danny's penis jumped off and ran away, and Shelley said his wanted to leave, but it was afraid it would have to pay the hug toll. At the bar, everyone is dressed up in costumes, except Leslie, though Candace thinks she is dressed up as a lesbian librarian. Danny enters in a centaur costume. Justin comes in as a bear and he says that Candace is going to be Goldilocks. The others tell Justin he is being too romantic. They have some trouble with their lines however, especially Bianca Kajlich, though they cover it up by saying that Leslie is drunk. (In the east coast version, they didn't mess up their lines, and the scene went much more smoothly.) Danny puts the bear head on Justin and calls Candace back into the room, and he gets her to admit that she doesn't like how romantic Justin is being. (In the east coast version, Danny's "truth amulet" breaks, but Candace covers for it saying "oh, it looks like I broke it".) After she leaves, Danny the centaur and Justin the bear get into a fight.

The next act starts with Danny talking about how great of a birth control he would be, which was really strange but sort of funny. The group all talks to Justin, and Shelley says that Danny's body is an 8, and his reaction is great. (In the east coast version, Shelley tells Danny, or more accurately Chris D'Elia, that Martha Stewart was funnier than him at the Justin Bieber roast. I don't really like it when the show makes too many jokes about the actors.) Justin reveals that he is in love with Candace, but he is upset that she doesn't like him the way that he is, and when she enters he exits. Justin is in the apartment alone when the doorbell rings. It's the others, and Shelley says "trick or treat", but is upset that Justin only has apples and toothbrushes. The others all go into the room, and they turn Justin into a superhero. He looked pretty funny. Justin asks the others why they want his relationship to work out, and Danny is going to answer, but Shelley must say the thing that his body won't let him say, Justin the best out of all of them.

Meghan Trainor, who is the musical guest this week, made an appearance, then she exited and the others said "is there a door over there?" because she exited toward the audience. Justin and Candace finally talked, and after she told him things that bugged her about him and he took it well, and she then said that she loves him. (In the east coast version, about how Justin saw a light, and Danny says it's just the audience. The amount of these kind of jokes it getting kind of annoying.) Danny wonders when he will find a girl, then a female centaur is seen across the bar, so he goes over to her and they...do whatever centaurs do. It was weird, but also really funny.

While this was not the strongest episode of Undateable this season, it was still fairly enjoyable. It was a pretty good episode.

What did you think of "Halloween Walks into a Bar"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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