Scream Queens S1E6 Review

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This week's episode is the third in the three-week Halloween event. The last two weeks were very good, and this week looks like it will involve multiple deaths.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E6 "Seven Minutes in Hell"

The votes are in for who should be the next Kappa president, and it is a tie! Chanel and Zayday will be co-presidents. Chanel throws a huge fit, but it turns out that she voted for Zayday. She did not want to be in power during a crisis. Also, there are some serious hints that Chanel #3 is a lesbian. Grace and Zayday decide to throw a slumber party to figure out what the others know about the Red Devil. #3 and the lesbian pledge have a very odd scene that was strangely good. They all discover that all of the doors and windows are locked. Chanel #6 thinks that the killer did it to pick them off one by one. Then, the lights go out while she is still smiling.

Chad is on his way over to the sorority house with a few of his frat buddies. Chanel's phone is the only one that is working, and she calls Chad and tells him to help her. He breaks open an upstairs window and climbs in, but then he spots the Red Devil outside. Two of the frat guys get in, but the one whose arms got sawed off doesn't make it. Also, Chad throws Chanel's phone at the Red Devil, because that's how smart Chad is.

The girls and boys play truth or dare, and Grace asks Sam (the lesbian pledge) what #3's deepest darkest secret is. #3 thinks that she is going to talk about her feelings for her, so she decides to blurt it out, but Sam reveals that #3's dad is Charles Manson. She tells Sam to go down to the basement. Sam is found by the Red Devil and hit in the head. Before she is killed, she asks the Red Devil to show her who he or she is. Sam says "I knew it" and then is suffocated. (Come on, I finally learn her name and she is killed!) Who is it? Is it #3? Is it #6?

#6 talks to Chad, and he tells her that he is into Chanel. I think that Chad will die very soon. After that, a scream is heard from the basement, as it turns out that #6 found Sam's body. Chanel accuses #6 of killing her, and decides to lock #6 in her closet. Meanwhile, Chanel #5 and the twin who lived are enjoying seven minutes in heaven when the Red Devil sneaks up behind him and kills him. This makes me think that #5 might be behind it because she didn't say anything and she wasn't killed.

Chanel accuses #5 of being the second Red Devil, but then mentions how it is interesting that Pete (Grace's boyfriend) isn't there. They discover a secret tunnel that apparently Chanel knew about. Zayday and Chanel go into the tunnel, where, after Chanel teaches Zayday some Kappa history, which was very funny, the Red Devil shows up. The Devil almost kills Zayday, but Chanel rescues her. It was a great intense scene.

The next day, Cathy announces that the previous night's deaths means she can be assured that only people who are Kappas or sleeping with a Kappa are being targeted, which she is happy about. Grace's dad wants her to go with him, but she won't leave her sisters. #3 and #5 decide that they will outlive Chanel, and the slumber party is finally ended with a dance party. Right now, I'm thinking that #3, #6, and Cathy are working with Gigi and Boone. But that could easily be changed after the next episode (which will be either two or three weeks from now, depending on if there is a World Series Game 6).

Even though this episode had no Denise Hemphill, and very little Dean Cathy Munsch, it was still a very good episode.

What did you think of "Seven Minutes in Hell"? Who do you think is part of the Red Devil squad, and who do you think will die next? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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