Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E3 Review

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Holt is no longer captain at the nine-nine, he is working at PR right now, and "the vulture" is the captain. I am hoping that Holt gets his old position back soon, because he was great as captain.

S3E3 "Boyle's Hunch"

Jake found a tarantula, and he wanted to keep it, but it got out of its cage and ended up on the horrified Terry's head. It was pretty funny, although completely unrealistic. Boyle meets the perfect woman, because she likes to eat the weird donuts that he likes, and she lets her dogs sleep on her bed. It was very funny, this could be an interesting relationship if explored. Holt wants to put Amy on a poster to improve police approval ratings, and Rosa is mad at Hitchcock and Scully for stealing her ice cream. It turned out that Boyle's soul mate just got ten years in prison, and that was hilarious. Yes, I did say that I would like to see their relationship explored. but this could definitely be even funnier.

Boyle is convinced that his soul mate is innocent, and this is definitely going to be very funny. Jake and Boyle went to jail to talk to her and it was hilarious. It turned out that Boyle's hunch that an ex-boyfriend framed her is probably right, so they head off to investigate. They go to an art museum in disguise, and it was very funny. It turned out that Gina was right about the posters not doing anything, and she even had a T-shirt saying "Gina told you so" on it. Rosa and Terry found a spoon and discovered that it had ice cream on it, and Rosa got very mad at Hitchcock and Scully. That storyline wasn't very funny. It turned out that Boyle's soul mate was actually guilty of the art theft, as she had a storage unit full of stolen art.

Boyle is adopting dogs online because he thinks that he will always be alone. Gina believes that her advice has saved the city, and she tells Amy it is tacky to take credit for things. Gina is so hilarious. Rosa gives Scully and Hitchcock pizza to prove they aren't lactose intolerant, and they admit they stole the ice cream, but they win because now they also got free pizza. Jake discovers that the ex boyfriend's new girlfriend was the real art thief, so the soul mate is innocent. I'm really excited to see where their relationship goes.

Overall this was a really good episode. Rosa's plot wasn't very interesting, but the rest of the episode was great, so that made up for it.

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