ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: Quantico is Certain to be Treated to Another Season

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Changes from Last Week

Unlike some previous weeks, I only made one change this week:
  • Quantico upgraded from "Likely to be Renewed" to "Certain to be Treated to Another Season" (Halloween talk for "Certain to be Renewed"
Why Is Quantico "Certain to be Treated to Another Season", And What Took Me So Long To Put It There?

First off, Happy Halloween! However you celebrate it, if at all, The TV Ratings Guide loves doing themed segments, so I hope you all like the one-week-only change of chart colors and titles.
On to Quantico. I was weary of Quantico's success at first. Even though it premiered in a historically
tough time slot, premiering under a 2.0 can still be worrisome considering the drops shows usually have. It seems to have settled into mid 1s for the fall, and will most likely dip lower in the spring, but guess what? It's ABC's #2 10pm show, only behind How to Get Away with Murder. The latter, while also recently upgraded, has declined A LOT this season, to the point where it isn't too far ahead of Quantico. In fact, a case may even be made that Quantico was STRONGER than How to Get Away with Murder this past week given the time slot. A side note: How to Get Away with Murder is the #1 show amongst W18-49, where the W stands for Witches.

Realistically, ABC probably doesn't have anything that would do better in the time slot. ABC didn't find--and probably didn't expect to find--the next Grey's Anatomy, but they also didn't find the next Betrayal, and undeniably Quantico is doing better in that troubled spot than Nashville would have done. 

I may have to reevaluate this prediction, but for now: Quantico fans have nothing to worry about.

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