Undateable (Live!) Season 3 Premiere Review (UPDATED)

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Sometimes NBC orders too many new comedies for a season, so one or more of them have to air during the following summer. This happened to Undateable in 2014. Its 13-episode first season did decently during its six-week run around that June, so it got a 10-episode second season, which ended up airing in spring 2015 after The Voice! The show went from unlucky to lucky, and has now become NBC's oldest sitcom. They aired a live episode (season 2, episodes 7-8) last season, and it was fairly well received, so, because of that and the lower cost of shooting it live, Undateable's third season will be all live! I enjoyed the original live episode, although at times I did find it to be quite gimmicky. But I think that the live third season could be really great. For this first episode, they will be filming the hour-long episode twice, once live for the east coast, and once live for the west coast. (The season's half-hour episodes will be filmed just once, live for the east coast.) Because I live in Seattle, the initial review will be for the west coast airing. On Saturday at some point I will update the review to include my thoughts on the east coast airing (the length of that review will depend on how much it differs from the west coast airing). The review has been updated, and there is now a brief review of the east coast airing beneath the review of the west coast airing. Now, live from New York Burbank, California, it's Saturday Friday night!

S3E1-2 "A Will They Walks into a Bar/A Won't They Walks into a Bar" (WEST COAST AIRING)

The episode started with Justin haven stolen Danny's phone, and he tells all of his followers to call him, so Danny sporadically gets calls throughout the teaser. They discussed spoilers, and Justin spoiled Empire for Danny, and then the cast said that's why you have to watch a show live! It looks like that each episode will have a musical guest, and during that guest's performance, the main actors are credited. Candace called Justin sexy, and Danny then made a hilarious joke about how Candace must have hit her head and doesn't know what the word sexy means.

Leslie revealed her new haircut, and Burski revealed his new girlfriend, who is surprisingly very attractive. They all then realize that everyone is with someone except Danny. Then, Danny mentioned that Candace might have more to loose if she and Justin end up in a relationship and they break up because they were all friends with Justin first, which worries Candace. Then Scott Foley made an appearance, I hope that this episode isn't as filled with guest appearances as the first live episode was, because that is the main thing that made it feel gimmicky. But it was funny how the others at the bar took selfies with him behind them.

Candace decided that she needed to take a thinking walk, and Shelley reminded her that this was Detroit at night, so she needs to take her thinking bat. Shelley and Candace are very funny. Danny and Justin got in a truth battle, which included Justin saying that Danny isn't really the star around here, Bridget Mendler is more famous than him. The others tried to figure out why the attractive girl is with Burski, and they discover that she thinks he's blind.

The others talk to Burski, and Shelley has a hilarious line about how he has an evil twin with a meth addiction who is an airline pilot. Justin decided that he and Candace should have a friend draft, so if they break up they get some friends. Danny talked about how they would need many different Dannys. The friend draft ends up dividing up the friends, and a fight occurs between Leslie and Scott Foley, or, excuse me, TV's Scott Foley. Justin then offends Candace, and she decides that they shouldn't date because she doesn't want to risk her friends.

Brent Morin wasn't on stage at the beginning of the act, so the others improvised. Burski was considering being honest with his new girlfriend, but he is starting to back down, so Leslie flashes them, and she discovers that Burski isn't blind. Shelley and Danny engage in a truth battle, and there was a joke about how Shelley wishes he was on The Carmichael Show. (I think that he fits better on Undateable.) Leslie apologizes to Burski, and of course he has to make a terrible comment, which is very funny. Danny then apologizes to Justin, but he hates saying the word apologize, so he says Chewbacca instead. It was very funny.

Danny entered the bar on his phone, he probably got another call, which was very funny. Shelley mentioned that he loves a good will they/won't they, like on Cheers and Friends, even though they all know that Justin and Candace will end up together. They mention that this will probably last all winter, as Danny says "you mean this is going to last all season?" Danny decides that he should try to fix things with Justin and Candice, so he puts them standing face to face with each other, saying that if they have chemistry they won't be able to not kiss. They kiss, so they decide that they should be together. The will they/won't they is over...for now.


The east coast airing starts out mostly the same as the west coast one. A couple of the jokes were said slightly differently, and this version had a joke about how Ellen Page would play Justin in a Lifetime movie about him. Chris D'Elia messed up the truth stones in a truth house line, and it was very funny. Danny talking about all the necessary Dannys was just as hilarious in this airing as it was in the other one. Candace talks about how her "street friend" tried to stab her, which was a funny joke not in the west coast airing. Then there was a joke about how the song played didn't work for Justin, which was also very funny.

Justin and Candace had a funny scene where he fist bumps her because a hug is too intimate and a handshake is too formal. That scene didn't make it into the west coast airing because Brent Morin didn't show up on stage, and that's sad because that was a funny scene. In a truth battle, Danny said that Shelley's voice sounds like that of an old Southern lady, which was probably improvised and very funny. The end of the episode was almost exactly the same between the two airings, it was just as funny.

I thought that this episode was very good. Scott Foley was not overused, so it was fine. I think that this could be a really good season.

What did you think of the season premiere? What do you think about the show doing an entire season live? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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