Life in Pieces S1E4 Review

Yes, it is definitely not going to get a second season because of its poor retention out of The Big Bang Theory, but let's just enjoy the episodes of Life in Pieces that we have before CBS decides to cancel the show. Tonight, in "Prison Baby Golf Picking", Chad (Matt's new girlfriend's ex-fiancée) is heading off to prison, Greg defends Jen's parenting skills, Tim and John play golf, and Sophia (Heather and Tim's daughter) gets a peanut stuck in her nose. Now, let's review!

S1E4 "Prison Baby Golf Picking"

In the first story, Chad is going to prison because of tax evasion, so Colleen agrees to have a last meal with him. Matt, Colleen, Chad, and Colleen's grandmother have a meal together, and the grandmother really likes Chad. He ends up running off when they are taking him to prison. While Chad's antics are entertaining, this story wasn't that funny.

In the second story, Jen and Joan are constantly disagreeing about things, which puts Greg in the middle. It is very awkward for him, and Jen insists that he take her side and tell his mother to back off, which causes the other siblings to be very happy. It turns out that Heather does the same thing that Joan does though. Jen and Greg were very funny in this story, but the story itself felt very unoriginal, and it added nothing new.

In the third story, Sophia doesn't want to sleep in her own bed in the new house. Also, she has a peanut stuck in her nose. There did not seem to be any point to the story, and it was not funny. In the forth story, John, Matt, Greg, and Tim go golf. Tim is doing very well, and Matt and Greg warn him not to. Matt and Greg contact Heather, and she shows up to stop Tim from winning. This story was alright, but it could have been better.

The first story was mediocre, the second was alright, the third was terrible, and the forth was alright. Overall, this was far from my favorite episode of Life in Pieces, it was mediocre.

What did you think of "Prison Baby Golf Picking"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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