Fresh Off the Boat S2E5 Review

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Fresh Off the Boat premiered last February, so this year will be its first Halloween episode. Some shows do Halloween episodes really well. This is shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Modern Family also had a great Halloween episode in season two, its first time doing a Halloween episode. Sometimes, Halloween episodes are not so good, however, such as the second and third Modern Family Halloween episodes. Which will Fresh Off the Boat be?

S2E5 "Miracle on Dead Street"

The episode started with Louis bringing home Halloween costumes. Jessica refuses to dress up, while Louis claims it is "the only thing white people do better than us", but Jessica considers it "begging for candy while hiding your shame." It was a very funny scene. Jessica and Honey are flipping a house. The man selling the house to them has to give them some paperwork, but it is in his truck across the street, and that would mean that he would have to pass a group of teenage boys. Jessica is not afraid, and has a good comeback for their insult. It was a very great scene. Things got worse, however, when they drew a "rocket ship" on her car. She gets outraged, and Honey must stop her from attacking them. The boys plan on egging the house. Also, Louis discovers that their street is a "dead street" and he is very upset.

At a neighborhood meeting, Louis gives an inspirational speech about how they can make their street great. It is a hilarious speech. Jessica tries to buy the greatest punishment possible from the police for the teenage boys, but that doesn't work, so she buys all of the eggs from all the supermarkets in the area. But, it turns out the boys have already bought the eggs.

Jessica and Honey are protecting their property. Honey is dressed up like Miss Piggy, and her husband, dressed like Kermit the Frog, picks her up to go to a party, leaving Jessica alone. Louis gets the kids and Eddie's friends, and they go to help Jessica. They drops the eggs, however, so they don't know how to fight off the teenage boys, except Eddie. Nicole and her friends show up, and the boys run off. They all go to trick-or-treat then, except Evan, who needs to be wheeled due to his costume. He had a hilarious line about how he now knows how his grandmother feels.

The storylines of the episode were very much designed around the characters of Jessica and Louis's personalities, and it was great.

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