iZombie S2E3 Review

Recently, iZombie has gotten very serious in the direction its story has gone. Still, the brains that Liv consumes each week usually provides a good amount of necessary humor, and this week looks to have some delicious brains (by which I mean a very funny personality for Liv). This week, Liv will be a rich girl.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E3 "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"

The episode began with a rich woman being offered ten million dollars for her house by a man claiming to be a realtor, then being killed when the two of them fall off her deck. Seattle PD is there to investigate, so Liv eats her brain. Major meets with the Max Rager lady, and she reveals that Major's work is really saving lives, as the original plan was to kill everyone on the suspected zombie list, even those that are not zombies. Liv and Clive interview a friend of the victim, with Liv on rich woman brain, and she discovers that the CEO of Max Rager is "Seattle's most eligible bachelor". Meanwhile, Major gets on an elevator, and discovers that the other person on the elevator is a zombie.

Major follows the newly discovered zombie and knocks him out while he is going on a run through a park. He kidnaps him, and kills him on a bridge. Liv is all dressed up for work, and Ravi has a hilarious line in response. Liv is very funny on these brains. Liv and Clive are interviewing the CEO of Max Rager and she has a vision, wherein she is having sex with him. Liv has a line about how her eyes burn, and he asks Clive is he knows what she is talking about, and he says "occasionally", which was perfect! Liv and Major run into each other at Max Rager, very awkward.

Liv and Major have an awkward conversation. Liv and Clive interview the husband at his house, and it looks like he is innocent because he has a huge reaction when he discovers that his wife is cheating on him. Also, in that scene, being from Seattle, the whole line about the view of Mt. Rainier bugged me because of the direction they were looking and the obvious neighborhood that this house is set in. Major and the Max Rager lady meet when they both are working out and they end up making out. Liv and Clive are interviewing rich women, and it is very funny. Liv has a vision, and it turns out the husband knew about the affair before, it was just an act when he punched the table! Liv goes back to the morgue to talk to Ravi, and after complaining like a rich girl they hear an announcement on the news about a utopium task force, and that Peyton is leading the task force! Neither of them knew that she was back in the country, so for both this is a huge shock.

Ravi says that Peyton will likely contact Liv eventually, it just might take a while. Liv meets up with one of the rich women and it is a very funny scene. The next day Clive goes to investigate, but Liv doesn't go with because she needs a "me day". Liv spends time with her new friend, and the friend discovers that it is her birthday, so they decide they need to celebrate, so they go shopping for something to wear for dinner. Clive calls Liv and it turns out the friend is guilty.

Liv and the friend have an awesome fight in the store, and that is followed by another good interview scene, where we discover she is wanted in other states under other names for other crimes. Ravi comes home to find the dog that was owned by the zombie Major killed as well as Peyton. Ravi and Peyton have a great scene, and it turns out she had just showed up back in Seattle right before the press conference. Liv is all alone at home on her birthday. But, she discovers a cake in the fridge, and it turns out that cake came from Peyton! I really can't wait for these two to make up, their friendship was great. The CEO of Max Rager and the husband of this episode's victim meet, and the husband gets killed by a zombie in a horrifying but great way.

While I am very sad that this episode had no Blaine, I am very excited about Peyton's return. This was a good episode, but not one of the best.

What did you think of "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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