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The Ratings Junkie Saturday, October 31, 2015
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King of the Flat Screen

  1. Undateable S3E5 Review by Hunter
  2. ABC Renew/Cancel Watch: Quantico is Certain to be Treated to Another Season by theratingsjunkie
  3. The Goldbergs S3E6 Review by Aasim
  4. ABC Orders 3 More Episodes of The Muppets by Jordan
  5. Thursday Ratings (29/10): TGIT Drastically Down, Heroes Reborn Closer to the 0's, Sleepy Hollow Up by LpWave
Comment of the Week

If something is going to work in that slot, a Jennifer Lopez drama could potentially do it to a passable enough extent. Despite popular opinion, there is (objectively) some appeal associated with JLo. I think Wednesdays at 8 would have worked too, possibly better for a revamped Women Crush Wednesdays; although, either way, I don't see the show averaging much more than 1.2-1.5 if it's lucky (and good), with the lower end more likely. A decent premiere is guaranteed in my mind because of the cast, and if the promotional campaign leading up to it can turn out enough interest. But with natural ratings declines y2y and the slot it's premiering in, I'd say decent = 1.5-1.8 ish.
The problem with Thursdays is that it hasn't had a stride since it was a comedy night (but when the comedies there were actually posting respectable numbers, not the Sean Hayes and Michael J. Fox deadly duo debacle). Outside of The Blacklist, which has seen an obvious decline in its move there, what has worked recently? Allegiance, The Player, Heroes Reborn, The Slap, none of it. SoB will also go up against HTGAWM, which, to be fair, isn't as dominant as it was last season. Still hitting 2.0 for now, but there's some room there if Shades of Blue can capture a different audience.
It's also obviously going to come down to the content of the show and the early reception to determine its prospects. We don't even have a trailer yet, which is unfortunate...

Question of the Week

  1. How do you think the upcoming NBC drama Shades of Blue will fare in the Thursday 10|9c time slot?

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