Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E5 Review

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It's Halloween again, and that is always fun around the precinct! Because (spoiler alert from last week) Captain Holt returned to the nine-nine, at it is Halloween, that means Jake and Holt need to break a tie. In season one's Halloween episode, Jake bet Holt that he could steal his Medal of Valor before midnight, and he succeeded. In season two's, Jake bets that he can steal Holt's watch, but this time he fails. This week they will engage in a tie-breaker, which is sure to be a lot of fun for all of us watching. Now, let's get to my review!

S3E5 "Halloween III"

On the elevator, Holt tells Boyle he's surprised that he isn't wearing a costume for Halloween. When they show up, the others are all wearing costumes. When he goes and puts on his emergency costume, the others aren't wearing costumes. His costume is Elvis, but the others claim not to get it, except Holt, who thinks it is Elvis the figure skater. It was a very funny teaser. Jake and Holt announce that this year, to break the tie, they will both try to steal a crown locked in a briefcase, locked in an interrogation room. They pick teams to assist them. Holt picks Terry and Gina, while Jake picks Boyle and Rosa. Amy is not picked by either because she is dating Jake and would kiss up to Holt. Jake's team manages to steal the crown, by Boyle having cockroaches come from his pants, and Jake pretending to come through the wrong vent to distract Gina while Rosa steals the crown. Jake hides the crown in a cabinet in his desk, and thinks he has won, but Holt is listening, and he and Terry will steal it back. Amy trying to convince Jake to put her on his team was very funny.

Holt manages to get the crown back when Terry tricks Rosa into going out to check on her bike and Jake is distracted by Terry's wife and twins coming in to take a picture with Jake. Holt has to quickly dump the crown into the trash can, but when he goes back to get it, it isn't there. Jake checks and discovers that the crown was stolen from him. Both now think that the other has the crown. It was also very funny when Holt thought that Amy was working for Jake. Jake and Holt both discover that the other does not have the crown, so Jake gets Rosa to get security footage. They discover that a janitor named Al took the crown. They think realize who would know where that janitor lives, Amy. Both Jake and Holt go to Amy, and she gives them both the janitor's address in a very funny scene where Jake and Holt each try to convince her to give the address to them and not the other.

Both teams show up at the apartment. There is an out of order sign on the elevator, so they have to go up sixteen flights of stairs to arrive at the janitor's room, and then even more to go up to the roof where he is smoking. But, it turns out that there is no Al the janitor, it's Amy! She was frustrated that both Jake and Holt didn't recognize her as her own independent person, so she made sure that neither of them won. At the bar, Amy is crowned the best detective slash genius. It was a great ending, and it allowed for more future Halloween episodes of the same fashion. Who will win next year? I think that Gina will somehow win. Also, in this episode Boyle is trying to set Gina up with a guy named Nadia. It turns out that he is great, but he is Boyle's girlfriend's brother.

While some of the Holt moments seemed out of character due to the setup of the episode, it actually does make some sense because he has changed from when he first arrived at the nine-nine. Jake and Holt have both changed each other. This was a very funny episode, it was great.

What did you think of "Halloween III"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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