The Goldbergs S3E5 Review

This episode did not have much to do about Adam, but it gave us an opportunity to focus on everyone else.

S3E5" Boy Barry"

The episode starts with future Adam talking about how Murray was hanging out with Lainey's dad, Bill Lewis and how Beverly felt threatened. Beverly shaves Murray's moustache, which Murray grew because of Bill who in turn grew it because of Tom Selleck AKA Magnum PI. Obviously Murray was furious. So furious that he actually wanted to have a sitdown with Bill and Beverly. In the end, Murray had to choose between them and he chose Beverly over Bill.

Meanwhile, Erica was forced to help Lainey get back together with Barry after Erica's latest prank made Barry break up with lainey out of anger. To redeem herself, Lainey sings an awkward rap at school to impress Barry but it backfires. Eventually Erica tells Barry that the reason he was insecure was because Erica always said he was not good enough for Lainey.

 Upon hearing this great speech both Barry and Beverly run to the Lewis household during heavy rain to apologise. Barry and Lainey get back together while Bill and Beverly agree to share Murray together.

The episode ends with Adam(finally) giving Barry a letter adressed to him from Chuck Norris. We are them treated to a surprise voice cameo by Chuck Norris himself as he reads out the letter in Barry's head after which we realise the letter was written by Adam.

Once again, a great episode of the Goldbergs. Now if they could just make an episode about Pops, that would be great

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