It's Only Smoo's Opinion: 2016-17 Fantasy ABC Schedule

7:00 -- America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 -- Once Upon a Time
9:00 -- New Drama
10:00 -- Quantico
8:00 -- The Middle
8:30 -- New Sitcom
9-11pm -- DWTS/The Bachelor
8:00 -- The Muppets/New Sitcom
8:30 -- Fresh Off The Boat
9:00 -- Marvel's Agents Of Shield
10:00 -- Nashville/New Drama
8:00 -- blackish
8:30 -- The Goldbergs
9:00 -- Modern Family
9:30 -- New Sitcom
10:00 -- New Drama
8:00 -- Greys Anatomy
9:00 -- Scandal
10:00 How to Get Away With Murder
8:00 -- Last Man Standing/New Sitcom
9:00 -- Dr. Ken
10:00 -- 20/20
ABC needs to capitalize on its assets, mainly its sitcoms. It boasts 8 choices, but I foresee Mondays being ripe for the taking. Mondays are fading as DWTS and the Bachelor cannot overtake The Voice. Castle is eroding and very likely will see S8 as its last. Instead of gambling on another risky 10pm timeslot, moving the reality platform from 9-11pm may be its best choice, and ABC would fare better developing the 8-9pm hour. Viewers have complained about CBS's underwhelming sitcom delivery on Mondays, and the Middle has proven its viewers are built in. After 7 solid seasons on Wednesdays, it could easily help build another sitcom landing, and would help launch another sitcom at 8:30. Tuesdays are too soon to tell, as the only likely renewals are Fresh Off the Boat and Marvel's Agents of Shield. Regardless if the Muppets return, another sitcom is needed in the 8pm timeslot. If Wicked City does not fare well, the 10pm hour may present a marketable timeslot if Nashville receives a S5 pickup. Wednesdays are due for a slight shakeup. I elect to move blackish to the 8pm slot, as it will likely outlive Middle as it will realistically have 9 seasons. Goldbergs needs more development if Modern Family fades, and the 9:30 timeslot needs a new sitcom. 10pm may provide ripe soil as CBS's delivery is weak in in this timeslot. And Sunday will need to repair its only deficiency at 9pm.

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