iZombie S2E4 Review

Last week on iZombie an important recurring character returned, Peyton! I am very excited about her return to Seattle. Now, let's get to this week's review!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E4 "Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues"

At the beginning of the episode, Liv and Peyton reunited, and it was great. Peyton told Liv that she put herself in Liv's shoes, and was able to understand why Liv did what she did. Yay, a supporting character who uses logic! Major wakes after spending the night with Max Rager lady, and when he returns home, the new dog greats him. He has a hilarious line about the smell of sex and self-loathing. Ravi has named the dog Minor, and that is just everything wonderful. A rich woman is killed, and Clive and team are on the case. And this of course includes Liv eating her brains. Liv and Ravi make Clive awkward when he is reading letters found at the crime scene that talk about sex, and it his very funny. And, Liv gets a little bit country thanks to the new brains.

Clive and Liv interview the ex-boyfriend, and it turns out that the victim couldn't wait a year for him while he was in the state penitentiary and cheated with his friend. They next discover, after Liv writes a country song, that the victim and her manager fought the night before the murder. Also, while Ravi is home with his date, Peyton shows up, as it turns out that Major said she could crash there. How awkward! In a vision, Liv sees the manager try to hump the victim, and she elbows him in the gut. We finally got to see Blaine again, yay! He tracks down someone on his way to the cure, and interrogates him. The manager, his wife with him, providing an alibi, tells Clive that the victim was in love with him. Liv, however, reveals the truth, and the wife gets very angry.

Clive gets to know a new detective, and she is definitely into him. They are going to go for lunch at a food truck, but Clive needs to interview the wife of the manager. He leads her to say that her husband had blood on his shirt, but the victim was strangled, so she is lying. Liv goes to a singer-songwriter night at a country bar. It was a good scene, and Liv seemed much more like a normal person. The song makes her realize, however, that she needs to talk to Major. Major is watching the news, and the zombie with the dog is brought up as missing, and he snorts some utopium. Oh, Major. Liv shows up and tells Major she is finally ready to completely let him go. All he says is "perfect, thanks for stopping by," and closes the door. She gets angry, and goes in to his house. It was a really wonderful scene with some powerful moments from Rose McIver.

Ravi gets home and Major is playing video games. The dog is not there, and the door is open. Ravi is freaked out, but Major does not seem to care. Blaine can't get the uptopium guy to talk, so he is turned into a zombie. At work, Peyton finally gets all of the information she was hoping for...from Blaine. Later that night, she tells Liv that she thinks she would like him. I think not. Also, she wants to do a background check on the new roommate. Is she jealous, or is she onto her? I'm so glad that Peyton is back!

Ravi has found Minor, and he is upset with Major. He wonders what is going on with Major, as only Peyton and now him seem to be. Major gets more utopium, and he gets it from one of the former youths he mentored, reminding us how far Major has fallen in the last year. It turns out that the victim from the case was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liv is at home, and there is a knock on the door. It is Major, who says that he needs help. They embrace, then they kiss. And then, they kiss again! Like, yay forgiveness and all, but why don't you talk first?

This was a great episode. The Major parts and Blaine parts were really great, especially the Major parts!

What did you think of "Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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