Scream Queens S1E5 Review

Halloween, or, more accurately, Chanel-o-ween, started last week on Scream Queens, and that was a lot of fun. From (last week spoilers ahead) artificial limb giving to a haunted house with actual dead bodies, a lot of craziness occurred last week and it was great. Will there be more crazy this week? This is Scream Queens, and it's Chanel-o-ween, so of course!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E5 "Pumpkin Patch"

Chanel is preparing her pumpkin patch, and she acted extremely spoiled, extreme for even Chanel. Chanel #5 got fed up with Chanel, and ended up leaving Chanel. Cathy decided to shut down the campus, which made the students very upset because Halloween is approaching. Chad gave some sort of motivational speech with a lot of inaccuracies, which resulted in a hilarious line from Cathy where she wondered how Chad got into this college. Chanel #6 and #5 talk, and they decide to help Zayday win the election. Then, Chanel gets arrested in a wonderful scene that was very funny. #5 turned Chanel in for the murder of Ms. Bean, which could mean some really interesting events are to happen. Also, we find Zayday somewhere far underground imprisoned by the Red Devil.

Chanel #3 is now in charge, and no one will assist Grace in trying to find Zayday. They are all fake eating, and that is funny, and I'm really starting to suspect #6 of being involved with the whole Red Devil thing. Grace walks in on her dad Gigi "high-fiving", and that scene was funny. Chanel #3 and the lesbian pledge bail Chanel out of jail following a very funny scene where she made friends in prison.

Cathy and Denise talk about having sex with Chad. Zayday's rescue crew enters, and Cathy reveals that Denise is on the case, even though Denise believes that Zayday is the killer. Current theory: the Red Devil is a four-person team consisting of Boone, #6, Cathy, and Denise. There was an intense and fantastic scene between Chanel and #5, and while I don't think that Chanel is part of the Red Devil thing, she is definitely capable of murder, and I am wondering if she will be responsible for #5's in some way.

Denise and Zayday's rescue crew try to figure out where they should be, and they finally come up with the idea to track her phone. When Grace and her dad stay behind to talk, and Gigi spies on them, Denise comes back in and has a hilarious speech about how this is not a daytime television show. #5 and two twin frat boys go to prepare the pumpkin patch. The Red Devil shows up, and they all end up in the maze. The twins split up, and the one not with Chanel ends up getting killed. It was a really good scene that was intense and comical.

Denise and the rescue crew investigate a basement, though Denise forgot flashlights. They split up, and Grace, her dad, and her love interest find the place where we saw Zayday before. The lights then go out, and someone is in the room with Gigi and Denise. Maybe Denise isn't part of the Red Devil team after all. Denise accidentally tazes Gigi, but then Gig tazes the Red Devil. Well, one of them anyway, another one is handling the lights. The Red Devil gets away when Denise leaves Gigi with the Red Devil alone, which makes Gigi look really suspicious. This show will always keep me guessing, won't it?

Chanel is conducting the voting for the next Kappa president, when Zayday suddenly shows up. All the Chanels and pledges are there except Grace now. It turned out that the Red Devil was nice to Zayday, but she stabbed him in the hand with a fork and ran off. Grace showed up, and now it is time to vote. Gigi is being followed by the Red Devil. They talk, and she tells him that some "he" needs to go. Boone and Gigi are both part of it, but are there more? This show is getting very interesting.

I am loving Scream Queens so far, and this was the best episode yet! It was great, so much fun. It was funny, exciting, or both almost the entire time.

What did you think of "Pumpkin Patch"? Who is working with Boone and Gigi? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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