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This season, Modern Family has really taken a downward turn. While season six was a big step down from season five, season seven has still been a step down from season six, so far. But, this week Gloria is on jury duty, so that could be very entertaining.

S7E5 "The Verdict"

At the start of the episode, Gloria is excited to serve on jury duty, which is very entertaining. Jay, as a result, has to go to preschool with Joe, meaning that Claire has to be in charge at work. Claire is very excited because this is on take-your-daughter to work day. Luke wants to go because he doesn't want to participate in community service, but Alex and Haley do not want to go. Mitch and Cam run into a friend who has recently broken up with his boyfriend, an even better friend of theirs, and have to invite them to their party. The episode sets up the storylines really well, and they look like they will be funny. Gloria on jury duty gets dismissed, and she is very upset because she wanted to do her duty as an American citizen. It was a great scene.

Claire takes Haley and Alex to work, but no one wants to go to Claire with their questions for Jay. Gloria is talking to Mitch, and decides to be a juror to him and Cam. Claire tries to prove that she can do what Jay can do, which ends up really not going well for her. It's a really good storyline because it shows Claire's personality really well. Luke keeps going on about how Phil was scammed, but Manny defends Phil. This was funny at first but ended up not so funny.

Jay is not really fitting in at Joe's preschool, and that is sort of funny. Phil sees the person that Luke thinks scammed him, and puts trash in his car, but it turns out that he did know the person. Claire ends up completely failing in giving a speech for the retiring Herm, and after all her hard work, gives up. It turns out that Joe liked having Jay at his school, which Jay is surprised about. While the episode started out better, it kind of crashed in its third act.

While the episode started out well, it went downhill from there. It was alright overall.

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