Fresh Off the Boat S2E4 Review

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Today, Fresh Off the Boat got picked up for a full season, so after this one, we get eighteen more episodes of the wonderful Constance Wu playing Jessica Huang this season. Fresh Off the Boat continues to be funny week after week, and while Wu stands out, the rest of the cast is great as well.

S2E4 "The Fall Ball"

Louis's mother's boyfriend died, but Jessica had no idea that she even had a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Louis is excited about the fall ball, Eddie's first school dance. The start of the episode wasn't that funny, most of the humor out of it was Louis's reactions. Eddie and his friends doing their dance moves was sort of funny.

Louis decides to help Eddie and his friends, while Jessica wants Louis's mother to invest the money she is getting with her, so she tries to fix the relationship between them. Louis had some funny lines about how anyone could die at anytime, and it was very funny. Also, Jessica spending time with Louis's mother was funny, but the rest of the episode so far hasn't been that funny.

Jessica and Louis's mother talk, and Jessica realizes that she really doesn't try to be close to her mother-in-law. Eddie decides that he doesn't want to go to the dance, but after Louis talks to him he changes his mind. It was a very typical plot, and not that original. Jessica gets Louis's mother a gift, and they agree to be partners, but then Jessica discovers she only got seven thousand dollars, so they go to Honey for money, which was fairly entertaining.

Overall, this was an alright episode. It was not my favorite episode, though it wasn't exactly bad. A lot of it wasn't very original, mostly the Louis/Eddie plot.

What did you think of "The Fall Ball"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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