Halloween Episode Comparison 2015

Every year, many fall TV shows air Halloween-themed episodes during October. This year, I will compare the Halloween-themed episodes of each of the shows that I watch and review. Following are short, spoiler-free reviews (there will be links to the full-length reviews, which do contain spoilers) of this year's Halloween episodes of Fresh Off the Boat, Scream Queens, The Middle, Undateable and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. After that will be a ranking of these shows' Halloween episodes.

Fresh Off the Boat
S2E5 "Miracle on Dead Street" (October 27)

This episode, as some of the best episodes of Fresh Off the Boat do, had storylines that derived from the personalities of Jessica and Louis. It worked very well, and it was a great, really funny episode. (Read my full-length review here)

Scream Queens
S1E4 "Haunted House" (October 6)

In the first of three Halloween episodes, things got scarier on Scream Queens. It had a hilarious beginning, and got scary later on. Overall, it was a good episode. (Read my full-length review here)

S1E5 "Pumpkin Patch" (October 13)

In the second Halloween episode, viewers had a lot of fun. The episode was both very fun and very exciting. It was a great episode, the best one yet. (Read my full-length review here)

S1E6 "Seven Minutes in Hell" (October 20)

In the third and final Halloween episode, scariness was promised. It was delivered, and, though a couple of cast members were absent, and some others had very little screen time, it was still a very good episode. (Read my full-length review here)

The Middle
S7E6 "Halloween VI: Tick Tock Death" (October 28)

This is probably The Middle's best Halloween episode ever. Brick dressed up as Rod Serling, and throughout the episode, he narrated three Twilight Zone-like stories. It was very funny, especially the hilarious Brick. (Read my full-length review here)

S3E5 "Halloween Walks Into a Bar" (October 30)

This episode of Undateable was sadly not one of the show's best. It was a pretty good episode, but there were a couple of slip ups (more so in the West Coast Version) and the type of jokes that I'm really getting tired of, joking about the actors' real lives, or the fact that they are on a stage, or that they are performing a live show (more so in the East Coast Version). It was still funny though, and the costumes were great. (Read my full-length review here)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
S3E5 "Halloween, Part III" (October 25)

This year, Brooklyn Nine-Nine kept up a tradition of a contest between Jake and Holt. This contest was a little bit different, as instead of Jake trying to steal something from Holt, they are both trying to steal the same thing, but it was still great. (Read my full-length review here)

Now that you have read my short reviews, it's time for me to rank the shows based on their Halloween episodes.

1. The Middle
2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
3. Fresh Off the Boat
4. Scream Queens
5. Undateable

Obviously, this five shows are not the only ones that aired Halloween episodes this October. What other Halloween episodes did you watch this year, and how good were they? Also, what did you think of these Halloween episodes? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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