How to Get Away with Murder S2E5 Review

Advertisements suggested that something major is going to happen in this episode. This episode is also the halfway point for the fall portion of the season. What is going to happen tonight?

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E5 "Meet Bonnie"

The flash-forward that begin the episode is the most interesting one yet, we see feet running through the mansion, past Sinclair's body, and into a car. The feet belong to Bonnie, and Asher is in the passenger seat of the car. Back in the present, Bonnie tells Asher that Sam was going to rape her, and that is why she killed him. Annalise is upset about Bonnie saying what she did to Asher. Asher shows up, and talks to Annalise. She tells him that what Bonnie said is true, and that they couldn't go to the police because the law favors men, especially one who couldn't defend himself. Annalise's speech to Asher seemed a little bit too preachy, but it also kind of fit. Asher goes to Sinclair and says that he knows who killed Sam.

Annalise has to try to get a testimony thrown out for the Hapstall case and it is getting very intense. Asher meets with Bonnie, and he has a couple of questions about the night Sam was killed. He asks if Frank helped, and she says yes. He asks if the others know, and she says no. He also asks about the fact that he and Bonnie hooked up later that night, and what that meant. It was a very good scene. Annalise and Frank are looking into Wes and Nate and discover that Wes keeps calling Rebecca's foster brother.

Annalise meets with Nate, and she tells him the real reason that she met with his wife. In other scenes that seem unnecessary, Laurel and Frank have sex in the basement. Michaela discovers security footage that shows that the person who gave the testimony is racist, and she thinks that will help to get the testimony thrown out. Asher discovers that his father was mostly just trying to protect himself, not Asher, in this deal with Sinclair, which makes Asher very upset.

Oliver is hacking into the police website to find the rest of the video Michaela found. Connor tells Oliver that he might go to jail, and that he loves him. In court, Annalise presents the portion of the video that was edited out, where the woman claimed she didn't hear anything. The judge mentioned that people often don't remember facts after a traumatic incident. The sister explodes and says that this testimony is only because of their race, and the judge has an excellent line about how her job is to uphold the law. This act was really great.

Wes, Laurel, Connor, and Michaela go after Bonnie, but Annalise defends her. Annalise talks with Frank and Bonnie and she is getting very worried. It was a wonderful scene. Annalise tells Nate that she saw him and Wes talking. She also tells him that Bonnie killed Sam, using the same story that she did. When Wes is meeting with Rebecca's foster brother, the other three show up. There is a very tense scene between them all, and then the police show up. They are convinced they are about to get arrested, but it is the foster brother that they are after. He has drugs in his car, and is arrested.

Bonnie and Asher meet, and she begs him not to testify, but he thinks that it is the best for her if he does. Bonnie calls up Annalise in tears in what is probably one of this show's best written scenes ever. The four open up the storage unit, and Wes opens the suitcase, but it is just full of money. Frank intentionally lead Wes to this. The others are mad at Wes now, but he is convinced that this has something to do with Rebecca. Annalise stops by Asher's and shows him what Bonnie's childhood was like, she was sexually abused by her father. The episode then flashes forward and Bonnie stops at a gas station. She goes into the bathroom and cleans the blood off of her, and when she comes out, Asher is gone, he went to the police.

This is probably the best episode of How to Get Away with Murder yet. The writing was fantastic, it was a great episode.

What did you think of "Meet Bonnie"? What do you think happens between the present and the flash-forward? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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