Jane the Virgin Season 2 Premiere Review

As you know, Jane was accidentally artificially inseminated. And a lot has happened since then! The first season of this exciting and funny series covered a lot of events, and it ended with three big cliffhangers. (If you have not watched the first season finale and do not want to be spoiled, this is your cue to stop reading!) Xo and Rogelio got married in Vegas on accident (and it seemed very fitting in the plot), Petra got a second sperm sample of Javier's (which didn't seem that realistic, but I'll go with it because that is sure to result in an entertaining storyline), and Jane's baby Mateo was taken from her by Sin Rostro (which was completely uncalled for, in my opinion). Despite my not being completely happy with the way that Jane the Virgin's first season ended, I am excited for the second season (which I will review every episode) of this comedy-drama that is really a wonderful tribute to Latin-American culture!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E1 "Chapter Twenty-Three"

The episode started with when Jane was eleven, and how she was worried about the ending of a telenovela she was watching, but Alba reminded her that the themesong assured a happy ending. Back in the present, Jane discovers that Mateo was taken, and everyone started to freak out. Michael got a call from Sin Rostro, asking for a pin that she had that Luisa took in exchange for Mateo. After a lot of worrying, Jane, Rafael, and Michael get Mateo back, but this is not happily ever after.

Everything is fine with Jane, Mateo, etc. for now, but not for Petra. She is unsure of what to do, and it is very funny. Jane finally got some sleep, but only for eight and a half minutes. She wakes hearing a sound, a sound that Rogelio is familiar with, the sound of a crowd of people outside. After resolving the crazy and pointless Mateo cliffhanger, Jane the Virgin is getting back to its funny and entertaining self.

The whole Jane the virgin miracle plot from season one came back after Rogelio tweeted about Mateo's abduction. Jane goes to a lactation class, and it becomes very awkward. Rafael asks Michael for advice about how to handle things with the Villanueva women. Michael has been an interesting character to follow because he consistently goes back and forth between being a really sweet guy to very selfish. Meanwhile, the sperm sample accidentally ends up in Rafael's penthouse because it was mistaken for a baby gift due to the bag it was in.

Monks started chanting outside Jane's house, which was very funny. Meanwhile, Petra gets the sample back, but it is a very close call. Michael talks to Rogelio, who wants to help out but doesn't know how. Rogelio De La Vega is one of the funniest characters on television, he is hilarious. Jane is blaming herself for Mateo's kidnapping. It was a very emotional moment, and it was great, it really showed Gina Rodriguez's talent.

Jane goes outside to talk to the nun, and she starts leaking milk, which she is very excited about. Luisa tries to fix the Petra situation for Rafael, but ends up making her decide to impregnate herself. Xo tells Alba and Jane about her marriage to Rogelio, and it was very funny. The episode ended with what was likely Sin Rostro or someone working for her or something deciding to go after Jane.

Overall, this episode was a very good one, but I am worried about the plot revealed at the end of the episode, as it seems a little bit too far out there. But, this episode was very good.

What did you think of the season premiere? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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