Jane the Virgin S2E2 Review

This episode has promised to be a major "Team Michael" vs. "Team Rafael" one. Which side are you one before the episode, and which side will you be on after?

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E2 "Chapter Twenty-Four"

The episode started with a flashback to when Jane and Michael were dating, and she tried to like the things that he liked. One of those things was camping, which made her very disgusting. As the narrator says, is was the grossest Jane had ever been until now. The family concludes that the last time Jane had a shower was seven days ago, and they all try to persuade her into taking a shower. It was a very funny scene. Xo convinces Jane to go outside, and both Rafael and Michael are willing to go with her. Out at lunch, Jane sees a woman that looks like Rose, and Michael reveals that Rose likely has had plastic surgery, so she could look like anyone.

Back at home, Xo and Alba announce that they are on "Team Michael" and "Team Rafael" respectively. (Personally, I'm Team Rafael.) Jane's neighbor, a twenty-something wannabe rock star is playing with her band at ten o'clock at night, which frustrates Jane. In another flashback, Jane and Michael discuss dealbreakers, which was when Jane revealed to him that Alba is undocumented. He continues to say that the only dealbreaker would be if she was a criminal mastermind. There was a funny scene where the narrator went over what has gone down between Rafael, Petra, and Lachlan, which was very funny. Michael and Jane almost kiss, but they she stops him. Xo and Rogelio are on a cruise ship where they must perform in order to not be sued, and Rogelio had some very typical Rogelio lines. They think this is just a meeting, but it turned out this is when the ship was leaving.

Luisa is convinced that Petra is pregnant, which Rafael tells Jane. They hope she is pregnant, and feel sorry for the father. Jane then steals an amp from the neighbor, which was very funny, but could it result in the neighbor calling the cops and Alba getting in some immigration issues, since Jane is spending the night with Rafael? When Jane goes to Rafael's it is perfect, proving he knows what Jane wants. Rafael and Jane have a great scene where they go out for fast food, and they are about to kiss, but they don't.

Jane has another nightmare about Mateo being stolen, but everything is fine. Xo and Rogelio have a great scene where they decided to maybe not get their marriage annulled, and Rafael gives Scott the promotion he wants believing that he is the father of Petra's baby. Jane comes home, and discovers a police officer in her home with Alba. I knew that this was coming. While Jane the Virgin is a total soap, it is also a total sitcom, and it was obvious that this was going to happen. Luckily everything works out with Alba, but it is a close call and she is very worried. Rafael sets off the security alarm when he comes by, and Michael of course shows up. Jane then says the thing she should not have said, that she loves both of them. Even though Michael is obsessive and possessive while Rafael is always well-meaning. Just saying.

Alba realizes that when something bad happens, she freezes, so she decides to apply for a green card. I am very excited for this storyline, as Alba needs more story. Xo decides that she and Rogelio's marriage should be annulled, but they should date. Jane and Michael talk when he discovers that she remembers a comment that Rose made about grapes used for wine, and that wine was a Swiss wine, so she is in Switzerland! She is behind that mysterious scene that ended the season premiere! Also, Jane and Michael talk, and he tries to convince her that she is only in love with the idea of family, not Rafael. I am hating Michael so much right now, but that scene was amazing. It's a good hate. Also, Rafael discovers that Petra has the other sperm sample. Also, Luisa is kidnapped by Lachlan! Jane the Virgin always reveals a lot of new information at the end of each episode, and it is great.

Overall, this was a great episode of Jane the Virgin, I loved it!

What did you think of "Chapter Twenty-Four"? Team Michael or Rafael? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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