Fresh Off the Boat S2E3 Review

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When it premiered last winter, Fresh Off the Boat became a favorite new sitcom for many, including myself. There are many great things about the show, but the best part about the show is Jessica, and in this episode she goes to a car dealership, which is sure to be hilarious.

S2E3 "Shaquille O'Neal Motors"

The episode started with Jessica and Louis having to drive everyone to many different places. Louis then decides that for his and Jessica's anniversary that he is going to take her to a car dealership, because they need another car and she loves negotiating. This is sure to be hilarious. Meanwhile, Eddie discovers that Evan's beanie buddies are worth a lot of money, and he wants a waterslide. You can tell where this is going.

Louis takes Jessica to the dealership, and she runs off. He finds her in a bar, and it turns out that on her wedding night, she ended up not making a good deal on the car, she didn't get floor mats. Louis gets a car himself, and she finds out that he paid sticker price for it. They go back to the dealership, and return the car, even though Jessica had said that she wouldn't be able to go back into that dealership again. It was funny, and really sweet how it showed how much Louis cares for Jessica.

Jessica ends up going through the managers to get the best possible deal, and it was hilarious. They are about to take a deal, when they discover that who they thought was the top person had a manager. Shaquille O'Neal is the real top manager. There was a hilarious line about how no one has ever made it that far. They end up getting a really good deal. They also get a giant shoe signed by Shaq, and it makes Eddie realize how much Evan's beanie buddies mean to him, so he sells the shoe to buy them back. The episode ends with Jessica and Louis deciding that their new car is too nice to drive, and they have to run all of the errands in their old van still.

Like anyone who has watched Fresh Off the Boat would have guessed, Jessica at a car dealership was hilarious. It was a really good episode.

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