Professor Smoo's Network Report Card

The Ratings Junkie Wednesday, October 07, 2015
With the fall season now entering its third week of programming, Professor Smoo has given the five respective networks their first marks. See who's advancing to the head of the class, and who needs a reality check on their programming choices.
Scripted Programming: A. 
Scheduling: A- 
Managing Difficult Timeslots: B+. 
Sporting Leading Nights: A.  
Commitment to its Series: A-. 
Sitcoms: A.  
Dramas: B.  
Reality Platforms: B-.  
New Pilots: B.
Scripted Programming: A.
Scheduling: A
Sporting Leading Nights: B
Commitment to its Series: A+
Sitcoms: D.
Dramas: A-
Reality Platforms: B.
Scripted Programming: B.
Scheduling: B-
Managing Difficult Timeslots: B-
Sporting Leading Nights: B.
Commitment to its Series: A-
Sitcoms: B
Dramas: C+
Reality Platforms: B+
New Pilots: C+
Scripted Programming: B-
Scheduling: A-
Managing Difficult Timeslots: B+
Sporting Leading Nights: C.
Commitment to Its Series: B
Sitcoms: B+
Dramas: B-
New Pilots: C.
Scripted Programming: C.
Scheduling: B+
Managing Difficult Timeslots: C-
Sporting Leading Nights: B.
Commitment to Its Series: B
Sitcoms: D+
Dramas: B-
Reality Platforms: A.
New Pilots: B-

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