Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E2 Review

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Last week, Bill Hader guest-starred as the new captain, but then he died. The Vulture is now the new captain, but I predicted last week that each new captain would last only an episode until a few episodes in to the season where Holt takes over again. Did The Vulture last as the captain the entire episode? That's the question I was wondering before the episode.

S3E2 "The Funeral"

Everyone at the precinct hates the new captain, and they come up with a plan, Jake will befriend him. It doesn't work out well though, as "Scully's butt is the downfall once again". That was a very funny line. Holt and Gina showed up at the nine-nine, and she was convinced that they would be treated like rock stars now. Gina is very funny.

They all go to the funeral, and Terry told them all to act sad. Scully's wife has left him, so he is sad, and Terry tells him that he is doing a great job at being sad. Holt is feeling depressed, as he had hoped that he would be captain again. Jake and Amy try to record the Vulture saying that Jake has to dump Amy so they can get him in trouble, which resulted in a scene where Jake ends up playing the bagpipes. I didn't think that the bagpipes joke was that funny.

Boyle was about to have sex with the woman he had seen before at the funerals, but he decided that he should learn a little bit about her. It turns out that she was a gluten-free vegan, which disgusted him. Terry and Holt had a funny conversation, that included Holt calling people a "stupid-face". The Vulture ended up taking Amy's phone and their plan didn't work.

Jake and Amy discussed their relationship, and Amy wants to give up but Jake gives a toast, that ends up being one of three toasts that night, all of which were terrible, and one was completely about mango yogurt. It was very funny. Holt ended up helping out though, and Jake kept his job. At the end of the episode, the Vulture is still the captain of the nine-nine. I really hope that Holt ends up captain again very soon, because that was more entertaining than this episode was, I think.

This wasn't my favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but it is still a good episode, and this is a very funny show.

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