Modern Family S7E3 Review

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Modern Family is in its seventh season, and as a result it isn't anywhere near as funny as it used to be. Most episodes have some good moments, but overall aren't that great. Could this episode, which includes a closet business rivalry, be good?

S7E3 "The Closet Case"

At the start of the episode, Mitch gets a job offer, but the offer is from Closets! Closets! Closets! Closets!, Jay's rival. Haley and Dylan ask Phil if Dylan can move in with Haley in the basement, and Claire is reluctant but agrees. Luke discovers that one girl in Alex's dorm is very attractive, so he tells Manny that they are going to college. The whole "the next word better not be 'closets'" joke was very funny, as was Luke during the Skype call with Alex.

Gloria goes to Manny's school to find the cheerleader who is supposed to decorate is locker. Cam ends up talking to her about how high school is supposed to be hard. Phil changes his mind about Dylan staying with them, and tries to get Claire to kick him out, but she realizes that he just wants to be the cool one. Things go wrong for Mitch when he gets his picture taken with Earl, Jay's old friend and now owner of Closets! Closets! Closets! Closets!

Jay and Earl got into a fight and it was pretty funny. Luke and Manny were talking to the college girls, and Manny was doing well but Luke wasn't. They were going to get to kiss the girls, but then Alex tells Luke when he goes back to her dorm that Sanjay broke up with her, and he stays with her. Phil tells Haley and Dylan that he has to sleep in Alex's room instead of Haley's, but Claire freaks out and tells him that he can't live with them. Also, this scene resurrected the joke from the Cam and Gloria scene about the otter, and it was very funny.

The Jay and Mitch storyline was really good, the Luke, Manny, and Alex storyline was alright, as was the Phil and Claire one, and the Cam and Gloria storyline was mediocre. Overall, the episode was pretty good.

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