The Middle S7E3 Review

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Sue Heck is off at college now, and that means there are a lot of no-cut clubs and activities she can join, which is definitely going to be hilarious. Also in this episode, the shocking happens, Mike Heck wears a Hawaiian shirt! Let's get to reviewing!

S7E3 "The Shirt"

At college, Sue discovered that she can sign up for many different things, and she is stoked. It was hilarious and very typical Sue. She also revealed to Axl's girlfriend that he loves her. Back at home, Mike puts on a Hawaiian shirt, and the entire family is shocked. Their reactions were hilarious. Axl's girlfriend then tells him that she thinks they should break up.

Axl is mad at Sue because she unintentionally broke Axl and his girlfriend up. Brick works on cleaning the bathroom, but he can't figure out how to do it himself, so he turns to YouTube, which causes him to go so far as to replace tiles on the wall. It was very funny.

Frankie is still talking about Mike's shirt, and it was really hilarious and it showed of Patricia Heaton's talent. She was very funny. Sue's new no-cut a capella group sang a song to Devon and it was hilarious. She went back to Axl and they discovered that they are on the same page. Frankie discovered Brick's project in the bathroom, and she told Brick that they are not "root of the problem" people, they are surface people, which is probably one of the most accurate description of the Hecks ever. Mike then shows up on a motorcycle.

This was a very hilarious episode that showed everything from typical Sue to a very different Mike. It was a great episode, like many of The Middle's.

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