Life in Pieces S1E3 Review

Life in Pieces is an unusual comedy, as each episode includes four short stories. Its ratings haven't been the greatest considering its lead-in, but the quality has been pretty good. I hope that if it gets canceled, Zoe Lister-Jones gets a another good role in another good comedy, because she is hilarious. But, for now, she's Jen on Life in Pieces, and it is hilarious.

S1E3 "Sleepy Email Brunch Tree"

In story one, "Sleep Deprived", Jen and Greg are getting very little sleep with their new baby. Jen was extremely hilarious in this episode, like even more than usual. Greg had to run to get diapers because they  were running out, and it was hilarious. He got pulled over and it turned out he never even got the diapers. He got sidetracked by the "wizard fingers". Jen ended up having to run to get the diapers, and she got the "wizard fingers" too. This was a hilarious story. In the second story, Heather needs to send an important email, and her kids are all trying to get her attention. Her computer couldn't connect to the Wi-Fi, so she went to her parents' house, but they thought the password is "seven". It was a fairly entertaining story, but nowhere near as good as the first one.

In story three, Matt and Colleen are going to brunch with the family. The family is hilarious, and this introduced us to a different perspective, and we got to see the relationship between Joan and Jen. It then came out that Matt had a first wife, which was an interesting twist. But, sadly, we will have to wait until next week to see where that leads.

In story four, "The Felling", John found out that Greg called a "tree guy" to take down a tree, and he thinks that they don't need to call a "tree guy". John then gets Greg and Matt to help him. This doesn't go very well, and the chainsaw that they eventually get gets stuck in the tree for a little while. It wasn't the best story in my opinion, but this episode did have some good ones.

The first story was great, the second story was pretty good, the third story was good, and the forth story was mediocre. Overall, the episode was good.

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