Blindspot S1E3 Review

While I was excited for Blindspot to premiere, I have been disappointed with the first two episodes. The third episode sounded like it could be interesting however, as in the episode someone is discovered with a Navy SEAL tattoo identical to Jane's. However, if the episode disappoints too much, I will be giving up on the show.

S1E3 "Eight Slim Grins"

The episode started with Jane getting in a fight with a guy from her memory. She tries to get answers from him, but he is killed before she gets anything. There is then a robbery at a jewelry store, and one of the guys is shot in the leg, so he is left behind and will end up getting caught. Kurt finds out that by the end of the day they will know if Jane is Taylor. If his hypothesis is correct, then where would this show go? This is only episode three. The guy from the robbery was discovered to have the same tattoo as Jane's, and Navy SEAL tattoos are not the same, just similar.

The team goes after the others in the "candymen", the team who have been doing robberies like this one for the last two years. Jane is told to stay in the car, and she is having none of that. The show is starting to feel a little bit repetitive in that aspect. She gets into a fight with a guy, again, but this time he gets away.

Kurt and Jane had an argument about trust, because they both expect the other to trust them, even though they've known each other for probably less than a week, or at most a couple of weeks. Jane has to stay behind the next time, but she doesn't want to. She wants to be treated like an FBI agent even though she is a Jane Doe. She is seeming a little bit entitled in this episode, and I am not liking it. Finally, Jane's tattoos come into play when it is discovered that one of the tattoos is the number of an FBI case file. Jane and Kurt go to the hospital to talk to the unconscious guy when he wakes up, and the lights are turned off in the hospital and guys with guns are looking for him.

Jane and Kurt move the unconscious guy to a different part of the hospital, Kurt gives Jane his gun, and Kurt goes to get the intruders. The guy woke up then they found Jane and him. But, Jane, of course, defeated them. That's what Jane does. Jane then rescued Kurt for the third time. And the guy ran off! Oh, no, how will Jane ever figure out who she is? The show is super repetitive, and that results in boringness.

A doctor is taken hostage to keep the somewhat unconscious guy alive. The rest of the FBI team is now showing up at the hospital to help out. The plan falls apart, and the guy who was taking the unconscious guy is shot. The formerly unconscious guy dies, and Jane is nowhere again with figuring out who she is. Kurt reveals that he believes that Jane is Taylor, even though he is not supposed to. She has a very emotional reaction to that. Right now, Jamie Alexander's performance is the only redeeming thing about this show.

The leading FBI lady said that she wanted to know something for certain about Jane's case and Kurt says that they know that she's an incredible asset. Some of the others seem to roll their eyes at that response, which is exactly how I felt. They then discovered that Jane is Taylor. It took only three episodes to figure out who she is, now where is the show going to go? The end of the episode tried to keep me sticking with the show, which is what the pilot did, but the two episodes I've now watched since the pilot were not very good, in my opinion, sadly.

I have decided to stop watching Blindspot following this episode. The show looked like it would be interesting, but so far I have not enjoyed it and this was a very bad episode. Thank you everyone who has been reading these reviews, and I hope you can continue to enjoy this show if you have been enjoying it!

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