How to Get Away with Murder S2E3 Review

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Flash-forward, flash-back. That's the way that the first eight episodes of How to Get Away with Murder's premiere season went, and it looks like this season is following the same format. While the first season's big question was "Who killed Sam?" this season we are wondering "Why did Wes try to kill Annalise?", or at least it looks like he tried to kill her. It's hard to say with this show, so I'll just get to reviewing the episode.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E3 "It's Called the Octopus"

In the flash-forward that began the episode, Annalise reaches for her ringing phone, as she gets a call from Nate. It turns out that this is only seven weeks after the present, so a lot is going to happen in those seven weeks! Back in the present, Annalise is working on the brother and sister case, trying to figure out what motive the prosecution would use. She tried going to sleep, but heard a noise in her house, she ends up discovering shocking. I was excited, what could it be? It ended up being a mouse. A mouse. Needless to say, I was disappointed. In class, Annalise lectured about how sex was very important to law, though isn't this something these kids should know already? One of the things she mentioned was how you don't want the defendant to look like a slut, which is proving to be difficult in her latest case, where the defendant didn't even tell Annalise that she slept with the witness until after she asked.

Annalise convinces the defendant to give her the list of people at the party on the night of the murder. The Keating Five try to convince one of those people to be a witness, but no luck. It was pretty entertaining watching them try though. Then, something bad happened with the brother and sister case. It turns out that they (remember, they are adopted!) are lovers. This makes the case even more difficult. Connor and Michaela go to a party to try to convince the person that Connor talked to into testifying. They discovered that this woman and the defendant swapped cards on the night so she could have the guy who ended up dying. Annalise accuses her of doing that in order to murder him, but she claims that they were in love.

It turns out that the defendant gave the guy a pill that, when taken with Viagra, causes a heart attack. So, it really was her fault that he died. Annalise is outraged. Laurel and Frank are talking, and she says she wants to know more about him. He says that his life is mostly bad, but doesn't explain any more. Asher meets with the lawyer that is trying to incriminate Annalise, and it turns out he was in her house on the night with the mouse. I am very happy about that, because the whole mouse thing was just stupid.

Annalise announced in court that the death was a first-degree murder. She ended up accusing the wife of murder, and her client was declared not guilty. The client was mad about this though, but Annalise had some great lines about her comfortable sheets and how she deserved a present. Wes sees a picture of Michaela's new guy, and he remembers him from a picture that Rebecca was in. It turns out it is her foster brother. Wes talks to him, and he is convinced that Annalise killed Rebecca. Wes considers this, and seems to think that it is very likely. Maybe that's why he tries to kill Annalise.

Bonnie and Laurel are out drinking, which is very odd. They are not exactly friends. They talk about Asher and Frank. Annalise discovers who leaked the photo of the brother and sister, it was the housekeeper lady. She has no idea what to do in this case, which is rare for Annalise Keating. I like how this case is really challenging her. She goes to Nate's and he says that he needs more time before they resume things. It was a really good scene. Then, we discover that Wes is in Nate's apartment. This is getting very interesting.

I thought that this was a very good episode. The episode didn't start out that strong, but it definitely improved.

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