iZombie S2E5 Review

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Liv has had some very odd and funny personalities so far on iZombie. This week, she eats basketball coach brains. Was it entertaining? Read on for my thoughts!

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S2E5 "Love & Basketball"

At the start of the episode, Liv and Major are kissing, like they did at the end of the last episode. Liv is worried that she might turn him into a zombie. The next morning, he is not a zombie, so things may be alright. Also, Major said something about the Seahawks, proving that he is truly a Seattleite (everyone is obsessed I swear). Liv, Ravi, and Clive visit a crime scene where a security guard has been shot. Clive brings Liv some pictures, before she has eaten the security guard's brains, and her "third eye" can't see anything. After a delicious breakfast, however, she tries again, but still nothing. There is some funny dialogue about basketball because Liv now knows a lot about it, and some kids show up, saying the security guard was their basketball coach.

The kids think that some RJ's dad killed him, so Clive and Liv visit him. Liv has two visions there, of the dad strangling the coach at practice and of the dad hitting his son. Major meets with the Max Rager woman, and he says he won't kill any more zombies until he gets a stronger sedative. Liv talks to Major that night, and he lies to her about having more utopium. The last scene of the act was a shocking one, when Clive shows up at the dad's house, and when the dad gets angry, he punches him in the face several times. I feel like we are in for some Clive backstory here, as he is usually much more calm than this.

Liv brings Major to coach the kids who don't have a coach anymore, and Liv ends up kind of coaching more than him. It was a great scene. At home, Liv is making dinner, and her roommate (the Max Rager lady) "accidentally" cuts Liv to get the drop of blood she needed. Ravi shows Liv the tainted utopium he received, and Clive discovers that the coach was trying to get some funds raised for something, and at the last minute a lot of money got donated. Liv takes over practice while Major talks to one kid, and it was another great scene. Later, Major meets another zombie, and then discovers that he has a young son, which was heartbreaking.

Clive tells Liv and Ravi that bit coin was used for the donation, and then Clive gets a call about a related murder. The problem is that the body is in Tacoma. They all take a field trip, and it results in a hilarious scene between the person at the morgue in Tacoma and Ravi. Ravi made some great jokes about Tacoma, and it was wonderful. Liv and Clive interviewed a person who works at the firm the coach was doing security for. Liv has a vision, and Clive discovers that a baseball bat in his office smells like bleach. He then discovers blood on the blinds. Blaine visits Ravi for the cure, though he says he will have to wait. Blaine's new zombie sneaks in and finds the utopium combination Ravi was going to use on the rats.

The zombie injects himself and dies as a result, proving that the tainted utopium was not the same as the boat party utopium. Ravi and Blaine fight over the remaining utopium, and it was great. Ravi then smashed the container. Clive and Liv solve the case of the week, and Major tells the Max Rager woman that eight people from the list are all not zombies, though she says the likelihood of that is very low. Major also tells Liv that they can't be just friends after he flushes utopium down the toilet. Clive is visited by Suzuki's widow, she has discovered something in his beer fridge, part of a brain! How much longer until Clive knows the truth about zombies?

While the case of the week this week was a much weaker one, there were many great scenes in this episode. It was a more comedic episode, and those moments were done well, but I ended up craving more serious moments like when Major discovered the zombie had a young child. It was a pretty good episode overall.

What did you think of "Love & Basketball"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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