Scream Queens S1E10 Review

This week, Scream Queens celebrates Thanksgiving, which includes Chanel going to Chad's house. This should be very entertaining.

And, of course, spoilers ahead!

S1E10 "Thanksgiving"

At the start of the episode, Chanel tells Chad that Hester was not pregnant at that "gravity killed Hester". Chad really wants to see the body, but once again a body has disappeared from the meat locker. Chad suggests that Hester is not dead, and Chanel should be careful, because Hester is crazy. Gigi and the Red Devil are having Thanksgiving together, at least for an hour, which Gigi ordered from room service. When room service comes, she gets a knife from him, and it seems like he sees the Red Devil. Chanel #3 goes home to her family, which means that she isn't the Red Devil--it must either be Chanel or Hester--and their Thanksgiving sucks. She announces that she is not going to go to Thanksgiving anymore. Back at Kappa, #3 decides to have dinner with Cathy, who is using the Kappa kitchen.

Grace gets a call from her dad, Wes, who is upset that neither Grace or Gigi is having Thanksgiving with him, as Gigi hasn't shown up for some reason. Grace then invites him to the Thanksgiving at Kappa. Chad's mother does not like Chanel very much, and the Radwell family says what they are thankful for, which is hilarious. Then, Hester shows up, which Chanel is very upset about. So, she isn't dead! Also, the killer is most likely at this Radwell Thanksgiving!

Hester tells Chanel that the fall may have cured her scoliosis. Hester announces to the Radwell family that she is pregnant. Chad's mother tells Chad that she is disappointed that he brought home two gold diggers, and tells Hester that she is not pregnant. Cathy decides that it would be a good idea for them all to say who they think the killer is. Cathy accuses Chanel #3 of being the killer, due to her seeing #3 sneaking into her room on the night that Gigi was attacked. #3 however says that Cathy is the killer. Chanel tries calling her mother for advice, but she is drunk. Chad's father tries to give Chanel money to leave, but she refuses to take it. Chad also says that he believes that Hester is pregnant. #3 thinks that Cathy is the killer because a meal she had was the same as the meal left at her ex-husband's house. Wes then says that Grace is the killer.

Things are getting even more interesting at Kappa as the group goes through why Grace could be or could not be the Red Devil killer. Pete also shows up, and is Grace's alibi for many things. Pete then says he thinks that Wes is the killer. How crazy is that accusation? The Radwells (plus Chanel and Hester) play Pictionary, and Brad draws a card, which originally said "horse" but now says "neckbrace hoe". Chanel tells the family how terrible what they just did is, insults every one of them, and then exits, with Hester going with her. It was surprising that Chanel actually did that, in my opinion, instead of laughing at Hester. Also, the episode is almost over now and there has been no killings or close calls.

Pete mentions that Wes has motive, not wanting Grace to be in Kappa. Also, Pete reveals that Wes is Boone's father. Pete then says that he is obligated to take this information Wes to the police. Wes tells Grace that he didn't know that he was the father, and Grace says that Pete is not calling the police. Everyone sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, and Chad shows up, with Chanel taking him back way to quickly. The turkey is brought out, but when uncovered, it turns out that it isn't the turkey, but Gigi's head. It looks like the remaining Red Devil killed Gigi, but why? Also, I didn't like the set up of this reveal, because it was way too obvious.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. It was, however, definitely the weakest episode of Scream Queens so far.

What did you think of "Thanksgiving"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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