Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E6 Review

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A couple of recent Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes have had one very entertaining plot, and two plots that are not as entertaining. Will all of the plots for this episode be entertaining? Read my review to find out my thoughts.

S3E6 "Into the Woods"

The teaser of the episode was very action-focused, which is something, I realize, the show hasn't had much of recently. It was also very funny. The problem is that he broke through a window, and it wasn't necessary, so now Terry has to do paperwork all weekend. Jake decides to make things better, so he decides to do all of Terry's paperwork, though Amy actually does all of the paperwork because Jake would do it wrong. He plans a guys weekend for himself, Terry, and Boyle, and eventually convinces Terry to come along. Meanwhile, Holt helps Rosa break up with Marcus, which is hilarious because both show very little emotion. She was planning to send him a text while he is sleeping saying "We're done," though after Holt's advice, she decides to add "Goodbye" to the end of it, which I found very funny. Also, Amy wants Gina to help her not be boring in a meeting.

It turns out that the cabin completely sucks. Back at the precinct, Holt tells Rosa that he told Kevin about their plan and he called them sociopaths. I died laughing when Holt gave the entire URL for the website he visited. Gina gives Amy advice, and it was not as funny as it could have been. Back at the cabin, they are not having a good time, and they didn't bring any food. Boyle goes out to find food, and five hours later he hasn't returned.

Jake and Terry look for Boyle, and Jake hopes to use his cell phone as a map and a flashlight, but it is dead. Rosa tells Holt about how her breakup went. There were a lot of emotions from Marcus, but she's glad she did it the way she did. Then, Rosa starts to get emotional. Amy and Gina give their presentation, and the presentation itself is well-received, but the product seems unnecessary. Jake and Terry find Boyle in big hole, and end up falling in themselves. This plot is not very entertaining.

In the morning, Boyle and Terry wake up looking for Jake, and find him up in a tree. Rosa and Holt talk, and she is upset because Marcus was ready to get married, and she wasn't, and she is worried that if she wasn't ready then, if she would ever be ready. Rosa and Holt both get emotional, and it is very entertaining. Gina tells Amy that she showed Amy's product to a girl that is like a mini-Amy and she loved it. The episode ends with Terry, Jake, and Boyle lighting off fireworks.

While Rosa and Holt were hilarious, the other storylines in the episode were not very good. Overall, it was a mediocre episode.

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